‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 3: Episode 2 Recap

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Warning: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 2!

Season 3, Episode 2 of Wynonna Earp, “When You Call My Name,” picks up where the last episode left off with the aftermath of Wynonna and Waverly’s truck wreck. The incredibly intense episode begins with Waverly being dragged away, and a cut scene to Wynonna waking up. She calls for Waverly and as the camera backs away, we see she is on the side of a cliff. With her incredible sass, she exclaims how much she “hates hangovers” before she hears and sees her mom at the top of the cliff as she starts to fall asleep. Her mom warns her not to fall asleep, and reminds her that it is not about being brave or strong, it is about being smart. Wynonna decides she can climb up, but a dislocated shoulder hinders her with a pain she says is worse than childbirth. With a painful scream, Wynonna braces her arm against the rock and pops her shoulder back in place.

The scene cuts to Waverly hanging from the ceiling in a small cabin-like room with an orange glow. A revenant enters, and with a very Hansel & Gretel-like vibe, starts talking about trees coming alive, the woods changing and how he has had to change his hunting grounds. The creepy vibes continue as we hear a voice belonging to an unknown girl, and a shot of an arm as the voice says “at least parts of her are still here.”

As Wynonna starts climbing, Waverly receives a text from Nicole. As the text turns into a call, Waverly tries to bargain with the revenant to let her go. She warns him that people will come looking for her. But instead of letting her go, the revenant steals her voice and answers Nicole’s call as Waverly silently screams.



The show cuts back to Wynonna as she reaches the top of the cliff, immediately running for the wrecked truck and screaming for Waverly. As Wynonna realizes Waverly was taken away and starts running for the woods, her mom appears once again urging Wynonna to stop and to focus on her own survival. So Wynonna does what she does best. She grabs a coat out of the truck and takes a swig of whiskey before starting her trek into the woods to save Waverly.

We then see Nicole, Dolls and Jeremy talking about the demon, how he moves fast and how his victims die just as fast. After talks about the sacrifices made for 7 years, Nicole decides to check the homestead instead of calling Waverly again. Before Dolls leaves too, Jeremy checks and asks how he is. But Dolls basically shrugs him off to go get Doc. The camera zooms in on a photo of a symbol before cutting back to the woods, zoomed in on a tree with the exact same symbol. Wynonna and her mom reminisce before Wynonna brings up how their mom abandoned them when she and Waverly needed her. Her mom says they are just the same before disappearing.

Dolls meets up with Doc at the bar and asks him why he was late to the party and if Alice was okay. Doc assures that Alice is okay, but he is angry because the fight is fixed between the living and the dead. He tells Dolls were enemies (in last season’s episode “Gone as a Girl Can Get “where they were transported to a world where Wynonna didn’t exist) and that Dolls killed him and he went to Hell. He tells Dolls that they are both murderers that are destined for the dark. But Dolls disagrees. He tells Doc they are not the same because he doesn’t “need a threat of damnation to fight for the right side” before leaving the bar.

As Nicole drives to the homestead, she is stopped by a man who claims he was lost in the woods and separated from his son. He clues Nicole in about the wrecked truck and she has the man take her to it immediately. We then see Waverly once again, and the revenant using her voice to scream for help. A man, who we can only assume is the man’s son, enter the room. Waverly silently screams to warn him, but it is already too late as the booby trap kills him. The revenant then puts Waverly in a cage.

Jeremy goes to the bar and talks to Doc, who quickly figures out that something is wrong with Dolls’ drugs. That is when Nicole texts Doc about the accident. Jeremy gives him an earpiece so they can talk and Jeremy can track him, while Doc tells him to let Dolls in on what is going on. But as Doc leaves, Jeremy does not call Dolls.

Wynonna finally makes it to the cabin and quickly asks Waverly why she isn’t talking. Waverly then tries to mime there is a booby trap, with Wynonna hilariously guessing underwire at first. She continues silently guiding Wynonna through the trap and goes up the stairs just in the nick of time as the revenant returns. He starts talking about smelling fear, and just as he looks up at the ceiling making us think he know somehow Wynonna is there, he says he’s got to check another trap and exits.

Meanwhile, Doc meets up with Nicole at the wreck. He quickly figures out that one of them was taken and one of them was on her own. He knows that it is no accident. Jeremy then contacts Doc through the earpiece to let him know there are two houses, and Doc decides that Wynonna likely headed north.

Wynonna tries really hard, but she is unable to break the cage open. She talks about their mom and tells Waverly she will get the jump on the revenant and “swears on her favorite boy band she will kill him” and that she will come back for Waverly. Before that happens, Dolls goes to Jeremy to check in on the Earp’s. Jeremy admits he was gonna call him and hands him his vial.

Wynonna then confronts the revenant and fights him with a tire iron. She tells him about Bulshar, which the revenant denies. He is convinced that Bulshar is buried. Wynonna tells him he is alive, which seems to scare the revenant. He worries about Bulshar finding him again. Wynonna then runs off into the woods with the revenant chasing her. She tricks him with a voice recorder down a deep hole, which Wynonna kicks him into and he falls to his death. Waverly’s voice instantly returns to her, but unfortunately for Wynonna, a trap gets her. She is hanging from a tree as Doc and Nicole make their way through the woods. Doc quickly, and not so gently, cuts her down.

Everyone, minus Jeremy, meet at the wrecked truck. Waverly and Wynonna speak about how long Wynonna knew that their mom was in prison. After admitting she knew the whole time, Waverly asks Dolls to take her to his truck, and that she cannot stand to be there anymore. As Nicole prepares to climb down the cliff to get Wynonna’s Peacemaker, Dolls’ eyes start to glow. As he picks up the vial, he pauses to tell a worried Waverly that “Wynonna is gonna need you more than ever.”


Trouble finds the Earp’s and crew as a demon cuts the rope Nicole is harnessed to. Wynonna quickly grabs it as Doc throws himself at the demon, but the demon quickly vanishes and reappears elsewhere. As the demon knocks out Doc, Waverly screams for Dolls. Dolls shuts Waverly into the truck and shoots at the demon, who cannot be killed by a mortal weapon. Waverly finds Doc’s earpiece and hears Jeremy, who warns Waverly that Dolls is unstable. As Dolls fight the Demon, Nicole grabs the Peacemaker, but urges Wynonna to let go or they will both go over the edge. Waverly helps Wynonna keep a hold of the rope. The demon warns them all that at least one of them will die, but Dolls breaths fire to kill the demon. Doc wakes up and Waverly and Wynonna manage to get Nicole up. All seems well as Wynonna points her gun at the man in the cowboy hat who seems to be in charge. She distracted by someone calling her name, focusing her attention to Dolls who is collapsed. He is not breathing and he has no pulse. Wynonna urges for help, but Waverly tells her that Dolls is gone.

Wynonna heartbreakingly refuses to leave Dolls despite it being freezing and her being injured because Dolls hates the woods. Waverly stays with Wynonna as she talks about them not being able to stop the demon or fight him. But Dolls took him on and saved them all. He saved Wynonna. A part of her hopes he will still wake up because he is part dragon and it just is not fair. Their mom appears once more and both she and Waverly tell Wynonna at the same time that “he is at peace now.” Their mom continues to tell Wynonna that she will “have to let him go now.”

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