Recap: We’re Wrapping Things Up in ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 11 “Better Dig Two”

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WYNONNA EARP -- "Better Dig Two" Episode 411 -- Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp -- (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

The penultimate episode of Wynonna Earp is upon us. No time to feel bittersweet yet though, because a whole lotta sh*t is still hitting the fan this week. Waverly’s not herself, Black Badge is ready to purge Purgatory of all its citizens, and the Clantons are still a thing. And yet, by the end of the hour, everything’s kinda… okay. (Well, as okay as things can be in Purgatory.)

Spoilers ahead for Season 4, Episode 11 of Wynonna Earp. You have been warned.

Let’s Start at Black Badge:

Black Badge Division has officially gone off the rails. A couple of agents pick up Mercedes, who is still bleeding out, and throw her into the cell with Jeremy, Doc, and a few other demons. Doc’s vampire side is going absolutely berserk at the site of all of Mercedes’ blood. Jeremy is stuck running back and forth between trying to save Mercedes and trying to save Mercedes from Doc. After much chaos, Jeremy offers himself to the vampire side of Doc, trusting that the non-vamp side would prevail, but confessing if it didn’t he didn’t care, because he would have lost his brother. (Aww!) Doc steps forward menacingly before embracing him in a hug as his fangs retract. That’s all well and good, but Mercedes is still bleeding out on the floor.

Mercedes has the brilliant idea to have Doc turn her into a vampire, that way the loss of blood won’t kill her. She even seems kind of excited at the thought of being undead. Doc bites her and quickly she’s back to her own self, but with vampire powers. And, with two vampires, they are able to break the iron bars on the cell and escape! They incapacitate a guard and steal his key card so they can open all of the other cells and free the demons. They almost make it out before the facility goes on lockdown and the big door locks, sealing them in.

Back in the woods, scary angel Waverly is still scary and an angel. She assures Wynonna that she’s not Waverly anymore, but that doesn’t deter Wynonna. So, to keep Wynonna off her trail, she blinds her. As Wynonna stumbles through the woods, Rachel is holding Cleo at gunpoint. Cleo, trying to talk her way out of it, assures Rachel she can turn Billy back from being a reaper. Rachel performs the spell by bleeding a lot on a stone as Cleo carefully takes the gun from her. And like that, they’re gone.

Wynonna continues to stumble through the woods and before long, she can hear something else in the woods with her. It’s Billy. The first shot we see of him is in reaper form, but as she trips and falls, regular Billy catches her. He’s okay! He agrees to guide Wynonna back to where Rachel and Cleo are, much to Wynonna’s relief. Elsewhere in the woods, Nicole is trying to reach Wynonna over the radio. But she’s unable to get through and instead overhears BBD radio chatter discussing “Project Noah” and someone giving orders to eliminate all the townspeople in Purgatory. Nicole trusts Wynonna to save Waverly and goes to save her people as the protective sheriff she is. Speaking of, Wynonna finds where Rachel and Cleo were, and Billy convinces Wynonna to go to the Clanton Ranch to save Rachel. He explains he can’t cross the property line without turning back into a Clanton, but gives her a pep-talk and she agrees to go.

WYNONNA EARP — “Better Dig Two” Episode 411 — Pictured: Varun Saranga as Jeremy — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Everything’s on fire, metaphorically. (Mostly.)

Angel-Waverly walks up to the BBD driveway, which is scattered with dead guards. She looks up and sees the building, which is mostly on fire. She bends down and takes a pack of cigarettes out of the dead guard’s pocket. As she lights it, she remarks to herself, “Humans. There’s always a crisis.”

Inside the building, Doc, Jeremy, and Mercedes are still standing at the large door trying to get it open. Nozzles descend from the ceiling as Jeremy realizes BBD is going to gas them. As they look in fear, a keypad from behind the door beeps, and the door opens! And it’s… General Graham? He seems less than pleased, and it seems unlikely he’d let the demons out. Turns out someone has a gun to his head, and it’s none other than Sheriff Haught, being her badass self. They all get outside and Jeremy finds a BBD device to measure the fog and, to his surprise, it’s gone. They start to make a plan to leave as Doc starts to hear mysterious voices. He says vaguely, “I have to get ready,” and makes up an excuse to the others that he was going to stay back to “help any stragglers” and, as he says under his breath, find weapons.

At the Clanton Ranch, Wynonna finds the ditch full of reapers and realizes they are all the undead Clanton ancestors. She makes her way into the barn where Cleo is monologuing to a tied up Rachel about how as the Clanton heir, the ancestors speak to her and they are driving her mad. Former Sheriff Holt comes in the door and is shown to be a reaper as well. Cleo reveals she is going to perform a spell to transfer the title of heir to someone else, to the Clanton’s “greatest enemy.” Fearing that to be herself, she throws Peacemaker at Rachel and tells her to run and make sure if she does find herself at the mercy of the Clantons, she does not have access to the magic gun.

Unfortunately, Wynonna is not her target. This is unveiled as Doc, now armed, goes to leave BBD and is confronted by Angel-Waverly, who reveals her real name to be Ascion. She wants Waverly’s book that she took from the Garden and is now in Doc’s possession, and she assures once she has the book she will return home. Doc assures that she is home, but Ascion has no qualms about killing Doc to get the book. Before she can, Doc’s hand burns with a Clanton branding and the voices grow louder before he disappears, and reappears at the Clanton Ranch, fully possessed.

WYNONNA EARP — “Better Dig Two” Episode 411 — Pictured: Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Time for a Showdown

Doc calls for Wynonna to come out and join him inside a circle of stone pillars and, as she does so, Cleo takes off in her red car, going who knows where. Doc tells Wynonna he wants to duel, to prove that in a fair fight the Clantons would have beaten the Earps. She tells him she doesn’t have Peacemaker, but that’s not for long as Holt caught Rachel and makes her give Wynonna the gun. The Clantons, speaking through Doc, are awful, swearing at Wynonna and calling her a bitch, but she keeps her head. She agrees to the duel, provided he swears that Rachel will not be harmed. They meet in the middle and begin pacing away from each other, all while Wynonna tries to talk him out of it. He counts down from five and turns around, but Wynonna refuses to do so. She assures that Doc won’t break his code in the same way she did earlier, and that she knows Doc won’t shoot her in the back. To which he replies, “Clantons have no code.” With that, Wynonna raises Peacemaker and shoots a bullet off a pole, and it ricochets and takes out Holt. Doc also shoots but the gun backfires and he’s hit instead.

In the midst of the duel, Nicole loads Jeremy and the demons onto a bus, but sends them on their way as she goes off to find Waverly, knowing she’s the only one who can save her. Simultaneously, Billy finds Nedley at Shorty’s and asks him to help perform a spell that will transfer the Clainton heir-hood back to Billy. Nedley shrugs and pulls out a spellbook and a hat made out of the head of a wolf, because nothing really phases him anymore.

Doc is dying, and dying fast. Wynonna looks at Doc’s gun and realizes he loaded them with the wrong bullets, so he knew it would backfire. Billy’s spell works and the Clanton power is lifted from Doc, but that doesn’t heal his injuries. He explains to Wynonna he doesn’t want this life anymore, being part demon and hungry for blood. He tells her that by ending the reapers she will end his pain, but she assures him her pain will be neverending. Wynonna sobs as he dies in her arms. Just then, an angel appears. It’s Ascion. Wynonna begs that if Ascion is going to take Waverly away to the Garden forever that she at least save Doc. She agrees, in exchange for the book. Wynonna agrees immediately, and the angel bends down, restoring Doc and bringing him back to life. She takes the book and as she leaves the Clanton Ranch, she turns Holt and the rest of the reapers into birds, and they fly far, far away.

WYNONNA EARP — “Better Dig Two” Episode 411 — Pictured: Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Time to Wrap Things Up

Ascion is making her way up the magical staircase to the Garden in the woods when Nicole stops her in the nick of time. Nicole is trying to talk her down and convince her to say, but Ascion believes she must be the guardian and the failsafe for the Ghost River Triangle. Nicole offers to be that shield instead – to be the Sheriff for the entire GRT, over all realms, for humans and the Supernatural. Ascion is skeptical, so Nicole tells her to look in the book and see that her story is their story. She looks and her eyes soften. A green lightning bolt erupts from Ascion and engulfs Nicole, who swears an oath to protect the GRT and the people who live there. With a final blast of green electricity Nicole is thrown several feet back and knocked unconscious, and Waverly returns to her old self. She throws the book into the doors to the Garden and runs down the stairs to Nicole, literally waking her with True Love’s Kiss. She’s concerned, telling Nicole she can never leave. But Nicole couldn’t be more thrilled to spend the rest of the days in the town she loves with “her girl.” And finally, the first WayHaught kiss in a few episodes. It was much needed.

At BBD, Graham tries to tell Jeremy that he is committing treason, to which he responds, “No, this is Purgatory.” The phone rings from presumably the national BBD headquarters. Jeremy answers and says that everything is fine, it’s under control, but that General Graham sadly did not make it. And with that, Jeremy walks away, leaving Freddy the werewolf to eat Graham. Hell, yeah.

Back at Shorty’s, Waverly, Nicole, Wynonna, Doc, and Jeremy have a very “Here’s what we learned today” wrap up kind of conversation. Nedley is in the big city with Billy and Rachel. Nicole wants to discuss “the issue at hand.” Waverly assumes she means the “Dark Angel,” which she assures is gone… for now. Jeremy assumes she means BBD, which he says has retreated and if they choose to come back, they’re ready. As they chat, Doc realizes he can see his reflection in the butt of his gun. As in, he has a reflection. As in, when Ascion brought him back, she brought him back human. He’s happier than ever, and Wynonna is too. But before they can kiss, the rest make faces, but it seems inevitable more Wynonna and Doc kisses are in the future.

Finally, Nicole clarifies what she wants to talk about – the wedding. To which they all smile, and Wynonna says, “Let’s have ourselves a wedding!”

Though I doubt the series finale will be all sunshine and rainbows, it does seem that most of the main plot has been wrapped up in a pretty tight bow with minimal loose ends. Hopefully this leaves room for lots of warm and fuzzies in the finale, and the show will have a happy and satisfying ending. Next week can’t come fast enough.

The series finale of Wynonna Earp, “Old Souls,” premieres Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on SYFY.

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