Review: The Edison at Disney Springs!

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Welcome to the Edison! This restaurant is a new spot to time travel back to the time of Thomas Edison in his prime. It will  will blow you away and you won’t be disappointed! Let’s jump right in!


This theme of the restaurant is very 1920’s-30’s. You will wine and dine in Edison’s factory workshop and inside is beautiful and very classy. There are projectors and screens showing clips from his era of inventing (old movies, cartoons) for you to enjoy as you eat your meal. If you enjoy jazz music, this is the place for you! Bars are available on both floors depending on where you are seated. On top of that, there are special members of the restaurant  dressed in a steampunk type costume who come around to greet guests and teach you all about science! But wait there’s more! They have people on stilts that greet guests when they come in!  Do you like your picture taken? Don’t worry because they have that covered too


As our favorite steampunk character came around, he taught us about polarity and the Earth’s atmosphere. If for whatever reason the Earth loses polarity, everyone on Earth would instantaneously blast into SPACE!


”Caesar Romaine”


This salad is what you might find at many restaurants but at The Edison, this specific salad has some surprises. First of all, the dressing for the Caesar was lighter and not as creamy and unique sourdough croutons with shaved Parmesan. The salad was absolutely delicious and a great way to start out a meal.

“Fried Calamari“

Now I know what you’re thinking. Calamari (squid) doesn’t sound all that appetizing. If, however, you like calamari, it is fried incredibly at The Edison. It’s not rubbery and it is just crunchy enough for you to enjoy. It looks similar to onion rings but tastes delightful.

“Prime Rib”

This entree I didn’t have the pleasure of trying but from what I’ve heard from guests, it melts in your mouth and is to die for! No steak sauce necessary because it is amaizng all on its own! Definitely recommended for those who enjoy steak or prime rib. You won’t be disappointed!

“The Edison Burger“

For this meal, again I got input from other guests and the burger was cooked to medium with 100% accuracy. Perfectly pink inside with flavorful bacon and whatever sandwich toppings you desire that is given per the menu. So tasteful!

“Creamy Mash“

One of my favorite parts of the night was tasting this amazing creamy mashed potatoes. The butter melted right on my tongue as I took my first bite. It was the best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted! It was served in a silver pot to keep it nice and warm!

The names of the items on the menu are after some of Edison’s work (called Catalog of Parts)! I love the creativity this restaurant provides!


I never have had any issues with Disney dining wait staff. They are always friendly and very on top of it with drinks and refills. The Waiters/Waitresses are dressed in suspenders and bow tie which looks as though they might work in the factory. Even the Hostesses wear show girl type dresses as guests enter the establishment. 

Another two Mickey thumbs up for this restaurant! I will definitely be visiting again but make your reservations ASAP as this newly opened location will be difficult to obtain. Don’t miss it!!

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