Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Review: Beaches and Cream Restaurant at Walt Disney World

If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy some melt-in-your-mouth, hand-dipped ice cream or some classic cheeseburgers, Beaches and Cream at Walt Disney World is the place to be! You can enjoy this restaurant featured at Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort. Here is my review:



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This place gave off the 50’s-60’s vibe. It had a jukebox when you walked in, music to pick at your table from that era and bar stools to sit at the counter to be up close in all the action. Although the seating was tight with only 3 booths and 6 tables, it was worth it! If you’re interested, book your reservation early, as this very popular restaurant is nearly impossible to get into. This location is conveniently located near one of the best pools on Walt Disney World property and if you’re visiting on a hot, steamy summer day, you can enjoy some to-go ice cream to cool you down. Not only that, but there is orange flashing lights for someone’s very special birthday and with anyone willing to tackle the huge ”Kitchen Sink.”


I really enjoyed the service there as I do all Disney restaurants. They are always nice and friendly and the waiters/waitresses were dressed according to the theme.

Now onto everyone’s favorite part, the food!

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“The Kitchen Sink”

This masterpiece has a variety of ice cream including, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mint, strawberry, served in an actual Kitchen Sink! It can serve 6-8 people and has every topping you can think of including brownies, Oreos, peanut butter, gummy candies, banana, and an entire can of whip cream just to name a few (actually 32 toppings to choose from). When waiters would bring it out, it looked like too much for me to tackle but many people were up to the challenge!

“Snickers Sundae”

This scrumptious ice cream dessert includes snickers, scoops of vanilla ice cream, cherry, hot fudge, marshmallows, whipped cream and peanuts. It is big enough to feed two so don’t feel bad if you can’t finish it! I was proud of myself for even making a dent in this huge glass of deliciousness. If you love snickers, this will be a dream come true!

“Cheese and Bacon Fries”

This bowl of bacon, cheese, creamy ranch, and perfect French fries will be just the thing you crave when you eat at Beaches and Cream. It’s unique ranch on top was amazing! It definitely reminds me of a loaded baked potato! I loved it because it was different than what I’ve had before and it was the perfect size for one person. I can’t say there was anything I didn’t like about it!


Make sure you check out this restaurant for all it’s Disney Magic! This is one of my new favorite places to be and the best for all the summertime madness. I give this location 2 Mickey thumbs up! Don’t miss out!

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