8 Reasons to Watch “Suits” Before Season 8

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Suits has recently become a point of interest due to one of the stars of the show marrying Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, plays the hard-working and gorgeous Rachel Zane. Unfortunately, the Duchess has moved past her acting days to bigger and better after season 7, but season 8 is gearing up to a fresh start with new addition to the cast, Katherine Heigl. 

Here are eight reasons to watch Suits before season 8 airs on July 18.

1.) Compelling Storyline

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a brilliant young man with a photographic memory who has gotten into quite a few sticky situations; Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) is a sarcastic and debonaire lawyer nicknamed the “best closer in New York.” Mike, who is on the run from cops for attempting to sell a briefcase full of pot, stumbles into the room where Harvey is interviewing for a new associate to work under him. Mike convinces Harvey to hire him for the associate position- despite not having a law degree- by dazzling Harvey with his wit and knowledge of the legal system. Mike and Harvey then become a dynamic duo taking the corporate law world by storm with the help of Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle.) The pair now has to try and keep the secret of Mike not legally being a lawyer from everyone including managing partner and Harvey’s mentor, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) and Harvey’s rival in the firm, Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman.) With almost each episode containing a new and interesting case for the team to tackle in addition to the overarching storyline, it is hard to become bored with this show. 

2.) Well-Rounded Characters

The first season starts our main characters off strong with interesting backstories and characterization. As the show moves along, not only do our two main characters’ storylines become more fleshed out, but we learn a great deal more about the secondary characters. So much so, the secondary characters become absolutely crucial to the ongoing story, and it becomes difficult to imagine the show without them. Characters that you despise at the beginning of the show, are now beloved. We even get flashbacks every season (except the first one) to better explain character’s personalities and motives. The writers do a great job- especially in the later seasons- of making you both love and hate a character all in the same episode. Men in the show are allowed to show their emotions, vulnerability and sensitive sides. Women are strong, powerful and fierce. These traits only add to the brilliance of every single unique character that is introduced.

3.) Bromance

Harvey and Mike have to rank high when it comes to best bromances. The two characters feed off of each other from their first meeting, and the sass only gets sassier from there. Both characters have the tendency to be a smart-ass, but when one of them gets on a roll, the other topples along with him. They are also fiercely loyal to each other and willing to do practically anything to help one another. Harvey and Mike’s relationship proves, yet again, that sometimes you CAN choose your family.

4.) Movie References

From the pilot, movie references and sarcastic one-liners are a staple of Suits. The first episode ends with Mike and Harvey debating the best version of Batman. Harvey is even known throughout the firm as someone who will throw obscure film quotes out and laugh when a person does not understand it. One of Mike’s hidden talents is to know the movie reference immediately and respond back with an even more challenging one. The constant mentions of pop-culture make the characters more relatable to those watching and help make the show exceedingly enjoyable.

5.) Girl Power

Suits is not lacking in admirable female characters. The pilot introduces us to three beautiful, amazing and well-written women. 

Donna Paulsen may be Harvey’s assistant, but the firm could not survive without her. Donna’s magnificence will be discussed in further detail later on; just remember, that she is the glue that holds Pearson-Hardman together. 

Jessica Pearson is the managing partner of the firm for a reason. She is cunning, dependable, astute and sticks to her guns. Jessica is a successful businesswoman in a high-powered career and a character to be looked up to. She makes her share of mistakes, but accepts them, learns from them and overcomes the difficulties those mistakes present. 

Rachel Zane’s first lines prove that she is not someone to underestimate. Starting the show as an esteemed paralegal, she continues to persevere until she reaches her goal of becoming a talented lawyer. Rachel stands up for herself and what she knows to be right. Though her storyline does turn into a romantic one, being the love interest is not all there is to her character. Rachel is a strong, compassionate and intelligent idealist that is forced into difficult situations that make you admire how she handles conflict.

The show does not stop there; the longer it goes on, the more outstanding women are added.

6.) Donna

Speaking of amazing women, Donna is the type of person that everyone-male and female- aspire to be. She is confident, bold, wise, caring, strong-willed and intellectually (and physically) sexy. Donna is so incredible that she needed to have her own section. Donna is easily one of the best (if not THE best) character in Suits. She has one-liners and witty rejoinders that make you snort soda out of your nose YET make you think at the same time. She does not take crap from anyone, especially not her boss. Donna knows what she wants and goes after it. 

One of the most extraordinary things about her character is that her relationship with Harvey has stayed platonic (except for a little tease now and then.) Donna and Harvey know one another better than anyone; they trust each other implicitly. As a viewer, you are constantly expecting these two characters to enter into a romantic relationship, yet they never do. Though there are times where all you can think is, “Just kiss already!” the fact that their relationship has remained non-romantic is a surprisingly wonderful twist. 

The only way to experience the pure awesomeness that is Donna, is to watch the show. She is worth it. Promise!

7.) The Fashion

With the title of the show being Suits… you expect you will see some nice, well, suits. The men in this show do wear some beautiful and impeccably tailored suits. If a man in a three-piece perfectly fitted suit is your thing, Suits will definitely hit that button for you. However, the ladies fashion in the show is just gorgeous. From the tailored women’s suits to the elegant cocktail dresses to the couture gowns, nothing a female character has worn in the show has been less than spectacular. Even the lounge-wear we see some characters wear is trendy, cute and stylish. Anyone who appreciates fashion-particularly business attire- will want the wardrobe department to do their shopping for them instead.

8.) The Law

You may be someone who knows a lot about law or someone who knows very little, but unless you are already a lawyer, the show will likely teach you things you never knew about legal procedure. The cases and how the team goes about winning them is intriguing; it makes you wonder how much truly goes on behind-the-scenes in real life proceedings. It is also interesting to see how each character goes about achieving a win differently. Some are straightforward. Some are sly and backhanded. Some are even illegal in the way they try to beat the competition. The show also does a great job in showing the difference between corporate law and civil law, or better: the glamorous and the plain every-day cases.

Suits is a fascinating show full of many things to keep you watching. These eight reasons are just scratching the surface. So if you are interested… you can binge-watch the first seven seasons of Suits on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Remember, season 8 premieres on July 18, so catch up fast!


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