Shows To Get Lost In – Part I

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Here in 2018 we have the benefit to access full seasons, or even an entire series, of our favorite shows. With so many options right at our fingertips, how do we decide which shows are binge worthy? Our team at Nerds & Beyond have come up with our first set of 5 shows to get lost in. If you haven’t watched these shows yet, you’re missing out!

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Parks and Rec – Full Series Available on Netflix & Hulu

What it’s About: (Comedy) This show is similar to The Office in it’s filming perspective. It is a faux documentary based on the people and city of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana.

Why it is Binge-Worthy: The collection of characters in this series can stand alone to keep you captivated, but work flawlessly together. These character’s love for their leader, Leslie Knope, coupled with her constant antics to improve her city, make it easy to watch hours worth of the show without even realizing it. The writing of this show is brilliant!

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Brooklyn 99 – All Seasons Aside from Current Airing Season Available on Hulu

What it’s About: (Comedy) This show is based upon the lives of detectives working in the 99th precinct of a police squadron in Brooklyn.

Why it is Binge-Worthy: Though the show’s focus is their main character, Jake Peralta, the supporting characters are what really make the show. This is yet another well written show with each character having their own unique personality making it easy to fall in love with them all. Each episode stands alone well, but there is always a subtle arc throughout each season.

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Supernatural – All Season Aside from Current Airing Season Available on Netflix

What it’s About: (Sci-Fi) Supernatural is a combination of X-Files meets a family. Two brothers, along with others, try to rid the world of monsters while saving people. The show’s tagline “Saving People, Hunting things, The Family Business” says it all.

Why it is Binge-Worthy: The first few seasons of the show were essentially standalone episodes. Every week the two brothers would travel to a different city to help the citizens with their monster problem. The first season did have a subtle arc of searching for their father, the second season seemed to be about the boys figuring out what to do after season one’s arc. It isn’t until season three that we start to see the show transform into what it is today. It is easy to get invested into this show for the long haul due to the characters.

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Bob’s Burgers – All Seasons Aside from Current Airing Season Available on Hulu

What it’s About: (Cartoon/Comedy) This show is about a family who runs their own restaurant and the antics that take place in their lives.

Why it is Binge-Worthy: This show’s episodes can stand on their own with each episode taking on its own quirky problem. The three children, with completely different personalities, seem to cause the most chaos which always leads to a funny, interesting episode. This show is very much a feel good show that will brighten anyone’s day.

Courtesy of Sci-Fi

Wynonna Earp – First Season Available on Netflix

What it’s About: (Sci-Fi) This show is very similar to Supernatural, with the biggest difference being a female lead.

Why it is Binge-Worthy: Strong characters and great story line make this show easy to binge. The second season is airing on the Sci-Fi channel, so catch up on season one in order to watch season two as it airs.

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