Monday, March 27, 2023

‘Timeless’ Season 1 Now Available on Hulu!

TELEVISIONHULU'Timeless' Season 1 Now Available on Hulu!

NBC’s Timeless will officially return to television screens this spring, with a premiere date of March 11. However, you can now watch Season 1 on Hulu!

The entire season was just released on the streaming service, so if you want to re-watch it or watch the series for the first time, this is the perfect time to do it right before the premiere of Season 2 in March!

Timeless first aired in the fall on 2016, having been ordered to a full season, before NBC cancelled it towards the end of the season. After a strong fan campaign, the series was renewed only three days after being cancelled, NBC reversed it’s decision and decided to bring the show back in 2018.

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After teases that the cast was back filming this winter, we finally learned that the show will be back in March! NBC ordered 10 episodes of the show, so hopefully ratings will be up during those to continue the series further.

Make sure to check out Timeless on NBC when it returns on March 11 and watch the first season on Hulu!

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