Fans Continue to Rally Behind “Kings of Con”

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A few weeks ago, we wrote about the future of Kings of Con – a show created by actors Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., which launched Season 1 through Comic-Con HQ, an online streaming service geared towards convention related programs. They had three original programs – Con Man (from Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk), Pop Culture Quest (with Mark Hamill) and then Kings of Con.

There were rumors flying that Comic-Con HQ had cancelled the show, which Richard Speight, Jr. later clarified, saying that they weren’t canceled, but rather Comic-Con HQ was not doing scripted shows anymore and that they still had the full support of Lionsgate.

If you don’t know Rob and Rich, you should. Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., played Chuck and Gabriel, respectively, on The CW’s Supernatural. They’ve long been fan favorites, appearing at many Supernatural conventions, eventually becoming the hosts and Rob’s band, Louden Swain, would also take over the weekend with music and holding a Saturday Night Special concert. Fans loved the two and loved their friendship with each other, so a show about their experiences drove fans to want to fund the project.

As Rob and Rich are seasoned con-veterans, they made an idea for a show that mirrored what some of their experiences were, but with exaggerated versions. They launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the project and set the goal at $100,000. At the end of the project, the two raised over $279,000.

In late 2016, Comic-Con HQ launched Kings of Con, with the first two episodes being released on Youtube. People were loving the series and could not get enough. There were a lot of guest stars in the show and a great reaction to how funny and well written the show was. They also had an after show, “Kings of Conversation”, where they’d go live on Youtube on the day new episodes aired and play fun games, music, and talk to guest stars.

As the show progressed, you heard nothing except a love for it and a desire for a second season. I think part of the reason the show succeeded so well among fans was because of its approach to conventions. There’s many conventions that happen all over the world each year as fans travel to see their favorite actors, authors, music acts, etc. The thing that Kings of Con does best? It doesn’t make fun of their target audience. There’s other shows that use the convention crowd as a gimmick, making fun of the people that attend them. However, Kings of Con embraces that. They don’t use their audience as a punchline; they embrace them and show the world how great convention goers are.

Fans launched a petition, which has been supported by both Rob and Rich, other actors and producers of the show and the petition asks for another network – Netflix in particular – to pick it up.

Over 14,000 signatures have been added to that petition.

Fans have also been tweeting using the hashtag #KingsofCon and writing messages of support for the show, tweeting at Netflix, as well as listing all of the reasons why this is a show they love and want to see continued.

Will it get picked up for another network? We hope so. Netflix would be a good start, Hulu too. Perhaps Amazon could help as well.

During a recent convention, Rob and Rich said they’d both continue the show, even if they had to release it themselves.

Either way, whatever Rob, Rich and the show do, we’re behind them 100%.

You can sign the petition -> here!

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