REVIEW: “Kings of Con” – Episode 9 – “Las Vegas, NV”

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At the start of episode nine we find Rob and Rich in Sin City.

Their hotel room is littered with what appear to be the remnants of a very good time the night before. If only they could remember what happened. And how they ended up married. To each other.

This union isn’t going to last for long if Rob has anything to say about it, as he is already starting to plan what they need to do to have the marriage annulled. Rich suggests they contact Rob’s estranged wife Marnie (Alaina Huffman) who is an attorney. Rich tries to reassure Rob by trying to make light of the situation and that no one but the two of them know about the marriage. There’s just one problem. Everyone knows because Rob live tweeted the entire ceremony. The not-so-happy couple make their way into the green room to the cheers of the convention crew. While Rich seems to be reveling in the attention and free gifts, Rob is trying to avert the situation and not draw any further attention to themselves.

Next, Rob is off to his meet and greet, while Richard calls the Nevada county courthouse. On the way, Sue (Kim Rhodes) corners Rob in the kitchen and lectures Rob about the consequences of marrying Rich, telling him that Rich is in love with him. During autographs, we learn that Rich has had no luck with the courts, so in a last ditch effort Rob contacts Marnie for help. While speaking with Marnie, Rob receives a call from a representative at his insurance agency requesting authorization to add the “new Mr. Bennett” onto his policy. Marnie drops yet another bomb when she informs Rob that Rich has not filed to annul their marriage, but has instead filed paperwork for their marriage and the state of Nevada is honoring their union.

Rob finally goes to confront Rich about the marriage. Misreading the motive behind the marriage, Rob tries to let Rich down easy telling him that he loves him like a brother, but is not in love with him. Once the air is cleared, Rich reveals the true reason he filed the paperwork and added himself to Rob’s insurance. On Saki Bomb Sunday the year before, Rich got quite the tattoo on his lower back. After coming to his senses, he realized that he could use his marriage to Rob to finally get the insurance to cover the removal of the tattoo. Rich tells Rob that he got caught up in the excitement and fun of having someone again, and laments that he may die alone. The episode closes with one final heart to heart between the two and probably one of my favorite lines of the whole season delivered by Rob, “We all die alone, pal. But in the meantime we surround ourselves with people we like to hang out with.”

It’s hard to believe there’s only one episode left in season one of Kings of Con, but this show isn’t done just yet. Next week, the cast is more star-studded than usual with the leads of Supernatural – Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins – guest starring. So be sure to subscribe to Comic-Con HQ for all the latest episodes, or catch up on the old ones. And tune in Tuesday nights for the after party Kings Of Conversation!

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