REVIEW: ‘Kings of Con’ – Episode 7- “Littleton, CO”

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This week Osric Chau, Sebastian Roche, Carly Nykanen, Kim Rhodes and Kurt Fuller return as the cast gets ready for the annual Halloween karaoke party.

The episode starts out in the green room and Rich is trying to rally the cast to get into the holiday spirit and get in costume for karaoke, since many of the fans will be coming dressed for the occasion. Rich has already come prepared, wearing an outfit he wore in a movie when he was 14.

It appears Rob has already been getting in to the holiday spirit a bit too much and has a very nasty headache. Serge offers him some pain medication that he has with him, so in an effort to relieve his headache Rob takes a few. Rich, as a preemptive move against getting a headache from drinking, takes some as well.

To help everyone get into costume for the party, Rich has invited Rebecca – a friend of his who is a makeup artist – to the convention. The two worked together previously on the independent film ‘Danger Fish’. Rich is the first to get ‘zombified’ while Rob gets into costume, so he and Rebecca head into Justin and Jaden’s green room to get ready. In a few moments, the two find themselves in an…uncomfortable situation. Serge informs Rob that he and Rich did not take ibuprofen as they originally thought, but rather Stay-Bone. Rob rushes to tell Rich what has happened, while Rebecca stares at the pair horrified. As Rob and Rich make their escape, they hide in some bushes to plan their next move, but are quickly spotted by a group of fans wanting to take selfies. Cornered on all sides by con goers, they make a mad dash back to the green room. Serge and Sue make quick note of their dilemma and Sue suggests a way for the boys to “pop the balloon.” Misinterpreting her intentions, the two walk out on the stage with Rob sporting a clown mask covering his crotch and Rich has strapped a stuffed animal around his.

My favorite part of this episode – aside from the hilarity of the overall situation that Rob and Rich have gotten into – was the scene when they are running across a dark parking lot from fans who are trying to take pictures with them and one fan yells “Can we get a selfie? Its for my grandma. She’s a nun!”

The jokes this week were funny and dirty – without being overly raunchy – once again showcasing the brilliant writing of each episode. I also liked that we were able to get more of a feel for Sebastian Roche’s character Serge.

Be sure to catch next week’s episode at Comic-Con HQ and tune in for the after show Kings of Conversation!

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