REVIEW: “Kings of Con” – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Franklin, TN”


This Tuesday the latest episode of Kings of Con was released and unsurprisingly Rob and Rich have delivered yet another brilliantly written and hilarious episode.

In their latest misadventure, Rob finds himself really bringing his “A-game”, all thanks to a new experimental anti-anxiety pill he receives in a medical study. Much to his surprise, he learns he was actually in the placebo group and his new found personality was not due to a new miracle drug, but rather the cocktail of other pills, Rogaine and alcohol that he accidentally took the same day as the trial. In an effort to relive his glory from the night before – which included attracting the attention of Stella (played by Mandy Musgrave) – Rob attempts to recreate the exact combination of items he took.

As Rob begins his experimentation, the newest cast member Carly (guest star Lindsey Sloane) is added to the con line up. We soon learn that she is an old co-star of Rich and as things progress during the convention, it seems Rich and Carly have a bit of a “star-crossed” history.

After finally managing to recreate the mix of items he ingested, Rob returns to the bar in an attempt to once again woo Stella. However, things don’t exactly go to plan and in a panic Rob runs to the nearest restroom and gets the pep talk of his life from the one and only Bernie Kopell. Rob pulls himself together and returns for karaoke and one more rendition of “Danny Boy”.

After leaving the bar, Rich and Carly have one last heart-to-heart leaving us wondering (and hoping) that maybe there will be a future for them. Meanwhile, Rob is now nowhere to be found. Rich claims he has pulled an “Irish Exit” and is probably safe and sound back in his hotel room, when in fact he has awoken in Rome with no idea how he got there.

Returning this week are Sebastian Roche as Serge, Carly Nykanen as Handler Beth and Matt Cohen.

Matt Cohen delivers the best line of the episode while watching Rob sing karaoke: “I don’t like it… how much I like him right now.”

I’ve said this before, will say it now, and will likely say it again next week – Kings of Con is the show to watch. Whether you’re a fan of Rich, Rob, Supernatural, or even if you have no idea who any of these people are and just want a good laugh, then Kings of Con is for you. The writing for every episode is fresh and funny, and Rob and Rich, along with all of the recurring cast members, continue to showcase their acting skills with the situations that each new episode finds them in.

So sure to check out the show on Comic-Con HQ! New episodes are released every Tuesday. Also, don’t forget to tune in Tuesday nights for Kings of Conversation. Rob and Rich host, along with special celebrity guests, fan art, games and the amazing house band Jayden Swain!

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