Fans Push for Jensen Ackles and Louden Swain on ‘Saturday Night Live’

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We’ve done many stories on Supernatural, including one about how they have the most powerful fanbase in TV. One of the biggest pushes fans are trying to make this year include one of the lead actors – Jensen Ackles – and Louden Swain, a band featured at Supernatural conventions led by Supernatural actor Rob Benedict (Chuck/God), Michael Borja, Stephen Norton and Billy Moran, to be featured on Saturday Night Live.

Supernatural is currently in it’s 12th season and Jensen has been attending fan conventions around the world for years. Most recently, at Jibcon, Jensen talked about SNL saying, “it’s a big dream of mine.”

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Rob Benedict was asked by a fan and Nerds and Beyond Contributor, Lua James, at a concert in August of 2016 about Jensen hosting and Louden Swain as the musical guest and Rob stated, “I think if Jensen Ackles were on Saturday Night Live and Louden Swain was the musical guest, I think I could die after that night. That would be the most perfect thing ever to occur. So, I approve of it, I want it to happen, everything you can do to make that happen, I approve of.”

Part of Saturday Night Live‘s reason for choosing guests are it’s ratings. They had guests last year that included Adam Driver, Ariana Grande, Brie Larson, Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer. While some of the guests draw big numbers at the box office, they do have guests from other genres – such as Music and Sports. With the Supernatural fandom, this is a chance for Saturday Night Live to gain a whole new – and passionate – audience.

The Supernatural fandom and the power behind it are in a whole category of their own. For Entertainment Weekly’s fall TV cover battle, after 2.6 million (yes, million) votes were tallied, Supernatural beat out 63 other new and returning shows to win the cover. They support countless charities and campaigns to raise money, support their fellow fans and much more; they’re a fandom that never gives up and supports their cast unconditionally.

The show is the longest running show on The WB and The CW, with 12 seasons. Jensen has 2.01 million twitter followers – more than Brie Larson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Margot Robbie – who have hosted this year. That’s just twitter – Jensen also has over 5 million fans on Facebook, and 4 million followers on Instagram.

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Louden Swain has integrated into the Supernatural fandom and has developed a significant following of their own. Their seventh album, “No Time Like The Present”, is due out next month. While they are not a household name, they would bring a unique sound to Saturday Night Live with wide appeal. MTV described Louden Swain’s sound as, “initially leaning heavily on punk, though their influences ranged from The Clash and The Replacements to Weezer, The Foo Fighters and The Beatles.” The band tours all over the world every year and has maintained an authentically independent sound that is close to their original roots.

Saturday Night Live originated by introducing sometimes-unknown high quality comedic talent and music to the American masses. While Jensen Ackles and Louden Swain have significant followings, it’s time for them to become household names. Not only would they bring a potentially new demographic to SNL, they would maintain the high standards of comedy and musical forte established by generations of performers.

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