Monday, March 27, 2023

“Kings of Con” Premiered and You Need to Watch It

TELEVISIONKINGS OF CON"Kings of Con" Premiered and You Need to Watch It

This week, Kings of Con premiered on Comic-Con HQ. The show, which was co-created, directed and written by Supernatural alum Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr., airs in 15-minute episodes.

Supernatural fans know them as God and Gabriel and the two actors are regulars on the Supernatural convention circuit. While doing the conventions, Rob and Rich decided to create this show – which is a fictionalized version of themselves at conventions.

The show originally raised funding on IndieGoGo, and then was later picked up by Comic-Con HQ, which seems like a perfect fit for them.

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The first two episodes were released and they completely surpassed all expectations. For Supernatural fans, this was a great way to see some of your favorite actors together in a new project. It was something con-goers could relate to, regardless if it was fictional. Rob and Rich did say some of their real-life experiences inspired episodes, although they’re dramatized more for the story. The episodes has guest stars from Supernatural including Kim Rhodes, Matt Cohen and Osric Chau.

Every member of our staff watched it, with one of our writers, Kayla, stating, “Fans – myself included – are used to seeing a very PG/PG-13 version of the cast on Supernatural, including at the cons. This definitely pushed the envelope a bit and its great to see them in these more ‘adult situations’ and using ‘grown up’ language.”

Even if you’re not a Supernatural fan – a lot of people know about conventions or have been to one. You can relate to Rob’s character, who is newly-divorced and seemingly going through a mid-life crisis. You watch how Rich, his best friend, tries to snap him out of it and they make the best of their time at the convention. One of my favorite parts of the second episode is the how it ends – making you laugh well into the credits with one line.

The show is off to a great start. It’s funny – there are many laugh-out-loud moments. The humor is quick. It’s a show that I found myself watching the episodes a few times, picking up on things that were missed previously.

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It’s a show you definitely need to watch.

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