Behind The Scenes at the ‘Kings of Con’ Premiere

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Kings of Con premiered last week and we were invited to attend the premiere! We sent Lua to report on the event for us.

Here’s what she had to say about the event:

Most of the attendees were crew, supporting cast and family members. It was held at a studio, which was pretty low-key and most of us were in a large open area where the livestream was projected onto a wall. A few of the actors and crew made up the audience where the livestream was being broadcast from.

The folks from Giphy were there and set up an area with a stool and lighting/photo equipment to make GIFs of people. They were please about the reaction to the Kings of Con GIFs from the fandom. Billy Moran and Stephen Norton from Louden Swain wandered among the crowd and chatted for a while.

The livestream got off to a bit of a late start due to server issues on the other side of the country, but the problem was resolved in about twenty minutes. Though the after show had been rehearsed several times, Rob Benedict was clearly under a lot of stress; he couldn’t have had a ton of time to adjust to pulling this off without Richard Speight Jr., who was tweeting live from Vancouver, where he’s currently directing an episode of Supernatural.

Regardless, Rob spent a lavish amount of time with each and every single attendee when he wasn’t on the air, making sure they knew he knew they were there, they were welcome and that he and Kings of Con as a whole were grateful for their support.

Having attended 3 days of the Supernatural convention in Burbank, Tuesday’s premiere and The Station Break’s concert, I am absolutely floored by the generosity Rob Benedict has for other people. Before leaving, Rob made sure to stop by and say thank you and see you soon. In the last week, Rob has done multiple live streams. He’s retweeted at least four separate interviews. If you ask anyone if he sleeps, they give you a look like you should as a different question (I once asked Kim Rhodes if any of the Supernatural cast slept, her answer as a simple, “no.”)

Also attending were some of the crew from Comic-Con HQ. They chatted with me and like the Kings of Con production team, were more interested in the reception of Kings of Con among the fandom like how it was going, did we like it? (I did learn that their staff is fewer than 20 people and they have a keen curiosity about Kings of Con fanfiction. Where is it? They want it. Give it to them.)

Tina Densmore, Elly Lachman and Brittany Sandler being some of the more recognizable members of the team, also came out to mingle with the guests and they were so welcoming! They are seriously charming, funny people and will turn on a dime at the hint there’s a problem that needs solving. It makes sense that they work with Rob and Richl they never stopped moving and they continuously interacted with a continuous stream of people. They pay attention.

Responses to “How does it feel to be here, finally?” were largely lost to loud music and distractions. The expressions when they heard the question were invariably the same though: Tired. Proud. Ready.

Bottom line is these people truly do care, about every single person who loves their work as much as they do and they can throw a hell of a party.

Here’s a video of the premiere, which was taken by Lua:

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