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26 Superheroes the Supernatural Cast Could Play

THE CWSUPERNATURAL26 Superheroes the Supernatural Cast Could Play

With the epic but unsuccessful social media push for Matt Cohen to be Supermanon Supergirl, who are other superheros who could be played by the cast of Supernatural? Here is my list and some of my reasons why (some of the reasons are based on the actors themselves, some based on the characters they played in Supernatural):


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Thor played by Jared Padalecki: Larger then life, outgoing, deeply connected to his family and friends.

Hawkeye played by Jensen Ackles: (Yes Hawkeye not Batman): Deeply Loyal, Deeply rooted in family, Not dark and broody.

Spider-Man played by Misha Collins: A great fun loving sense of humor, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”.

John Constantine played by Mark Sheppard: A wicked sense of humor, A British sensibility, An unwillingness to take any nonsense from anyone.

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Dr. Hank Pym played by Jim Beaver: Could create a secret lab with a free weekend, Knows how to deal with boys who don’t listen.

“Nick” Fury played by Steven Williams: Bobby Singer: “Were you ever nice?” Rufus Turner: “1985. Worst year of my life.”

Aquaman played by Matt Cohen: Matt could be any superhero.

Captain America played by Osric Chau: Represents what it means to be American; “Proud To Be Unique”

Star Lord played by Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr: Humor and a passion for music.

Iron Man played by Sebastian Roché: Sense of Humor, self confidence, snarky but kindhearted

Vision played by Julian Richings: While knowing he holds all the power, finds humans an interesting puzzle and works to form connections with a few.

Loki played by Mark Pellegrino: A trickster who is misunderstood by his family.

Dazzler played by Timothy Omundson: Musical superhero who dazzles us all.

Ant Man played by Chad Lindberg: Would find being a superhero cool, level headed and would know his use in the adventure.


Scarlet Witch played by Ruth Connell: Magical Powers, plays her own game in a world of expectations.

Black Widow played by Lauren Tom: Fiercely Loyal to her partners, An unwillingness to take any nonsense from anyone.

SuperGirl played by Briana Buckmaster: Sweet and has positive attitude.

Batwoman played by Kim Rhodes: Always is true to herself, Strong sense of self confidence

Wasp played by Alona Tal: Determined to make a difference no matter what her family says, teaches family to let her fight.

She-Hulk played by Samantha Ferris: Uses her powers to help other heroes, not to mess with if angered.

Jane Foster played by Genevieve Padalecki: Super smart and the significant other of Thor (who is married to Jared Padalecki, our choice for Thor)

Wonder Woman played by Shoshannah Stern: Bold, wise and kind.

Black Canary played by Alaina Huffman: Fighting expert.

Oracle played by Kathryn Newton: Tech Wizard.


2 Bonus:

Alfred Pennyworth played by Robbie Thompson: Supports and guides, Uses creative storytelling, Always remembers what being human means.

Charlie played by Felicia Day: Charlie is already a Superhero.


Feel free to leave a comment below of who YOUR picks would be!

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