‘The Office’ Releases the Full Cut of Michael Scott’s ‘Threat Level Midnight’

Image courtesy of YouTube


Fans of The Office, rejoice. We have new content.

That’s right, the show may have ended six years ago, but thanks to the official The Office YouTube Channel, we’ve gotten a gift fit for the last holiday season of the decade. After 11 years of prep, reshoots, editing, and more reshoots, Threat Level Midnight is finally ready for its grand debut.

Watch the full director’s cut of Threat Level Midnight below, just like Michael Scott himself would have wanted us to see it. And then send some kudos to the actors of the show for acting like they don’t know how to act, it’s no easy feat. We think this film has some serious Oscar buzz surrounding it, so check out Agent Michael Scarn as he takes on Goldenface, then get your dance shoes on and get ready to dance to “Everybody do the Scarn” — “Meet new friends, tie that yarn, and that’s how you do the Scarn …”


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