Danneel Ackles to Appear on Podcast ‘Be My Neighbor’

Courtesy of Brittany Levine and Bevin Prince




While in New York, Danneel Ackles recorded a guest spot on the podcast ‘Be My Neighbor’ hosted by Brittney Levine and Bevin Prince.  Bevin Prince is an actress, who like Ackles was on One Tree Hill, she is also a Soul Cycle instructor.  Brittney Levine is an On-Air Style & Trend Expert at BHL Productions.

Here is a summary of the podcast from their website:

“Give it a listen – we would love to hear from you about your neighbor stories, life struggles, relationships, fitness regime, etc.  Little or big, nothing is taken for granted here in our safe space.”

The podcast can be listened to on their site, SoundCloud, or you can subscribe to it on iTunes.


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