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Kings of Con to Stream Live All Weekend On Comic-Con HQ

As if the San Diego 2016 Comic-Con was not a big deal already, Supernatural

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Fan Led Supernatural Fleet Re-Opens July 20-24

Supernatural has inspired many fan based groups including the Supernatural Fleet which is based

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Additional Panels Announced for NerdHQ – Second Stephen Amell panel, Robot Chicken and More!

We reported on The Nerd Machine's NerdHQ panels for this year, but

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NerdHQ Panels Announced: Supernatural, Stephen Amell, Nathan Fillion to Attend

The Nerd Machine has started announcing who will be part of the

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The Cast of Supernatural Visits Pittsburgh!

The cast of Supernatural - which just started filming it's 12th season

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Trailer Released for New Digital Series, DemonX, Starring Osric Chau From Supernatural

The trailer for DemonX, a new horror digital series, has been released


“Supernatural” Season 12 Premiere Episode Title Revealed!

With Supernatural getting ready to enter it's twelfth season on The CW,

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CW Fall Premiere Dates Announced for The Flash, Supernatural and More!

The CW announced the fall premiere dates for their shows including The

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26 Superheroes the Supernatural Cast Could Play

With the epic but unsuccessful social media push for Matt Cohen to

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Supernatural Cast Goes Live for Gishwhes

Many of the cast of Supernatural have come together today at the Gishwhes HQ for Gishwhes

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