Supernatural Cast Goes Live for Gishwhes

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Many of the cast of Supernatural have come together today at the Gishwhes HQ for Gishwhes 2016 to recruit more registrants for this year’s scavenger hunt! Gishwhes – also known as the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen – is a scavenger hunt hosted by Supernatural’s Misha Collins that has previously broken seven Guinness World Records. It allows participants to compete from all over the world – even in the comfort of their own homes! You can build your own team with friends or be placed in a 15-person team with new friends. Participants will be competing tasks in a fun, wacky, and even heartwarming scavenger list. The team that manages to scavenge the most items of the highest quality of submissions will get to join Misha Collins on an all-expense paid trip to Iceland! You can learn more about what Gishwhes is on the Gishwhes blog.

Among the cast members participating in the Gishwhes telethon is Rob Benedict (Chuck), Ruth Connell (Rowena), Kim Rhodes (Jody), Kathryn Newton (Claire), Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel), Jason Manns (singer and songwriter), and Misha Collins (Castiel). They have been answering calls, cutting volunteers’ hair, and even getting pies thrown in their faces while streaming live on their Facebook accounts.

Not only will some of the new registrants receive a call from one of the cast members, but for every 100 new registrants Gishwhes will donate farm equipment to families in need in rural Africa and donating funds to provide for reconstruction surgery for women who have undergone breast surgery for breast cancer.

The last stream occurred earlier today, but fans can still watch the streams from Misha Collins’ official Facebook page. Those wishing to register for Gishwhes 2016, you can do so by going to the Gishwhes registration page on the Gishwhes website. Registration options include:

  • The Basic GISHWHES Registration: $18.89
  • Secret Holiday Card (Registrants will receive a signed – though inappropriate – holiday card from Misha Collins): $47.77
  • GISHWHES Flag-Cape “Flape” (Registrants will receive the GISHWHES LIMITED EDITION Collector’s flag. It will be a special Hunter’s edition; it will be signed by Misha Collins. Registrants will also receive the “Secret Holiday Card” also signed by Misha): $98.21
  • Scavenger HUNTER’S Trunk & Misha Alarm Clock (Registrants will receive a personalized wake-up recording message from Misha. You will also receive the Scavenger “HUNTER’S Trunk” containing a military backpack, Ghost Meter EMF Reader, Gishwhes flask, Gishwhes “Hunters Journal,” Gishwhes black beanie, a deck of Gishwhes playing cards, Gishwhes bandaids, Gishwhes duct tape, the Gishwhes 2016 Mascot Pendant, and a surprise item that has been hand selected by Misha. In addition, you will also receive the signed Gishwhes flag along with the signed “Secret Holiday Card.”): $249.69
  • Gisholarship (This registration option is for those who honestly cannot afford the basic GISHWHES Registration of $18.89. As Gisholarships are voluntarily gifted by other Gishwhes participants, there is no guarantee that you will receive a Gisholarship. Gishwhes will match every Gisholarship gifted)

This year’s Gishwhes scavenger hunt begins July 30th, so register today to compete! You still have until 8PM PST to register and have the chance to get a phone call from Misha Collins or one of the other Supernatural cast members.

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