‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 “A History of Horrors and Other Tales”


Tonight’s episode of Walker reveals some twists, including why Joanna is so invested, why the Jackal is doing what they’re doing, and more.

Let’s dive in!

The Beginning

The episode opens with Cordell waking up at 3 a.m., and then he goes back to sleep and wakes up at 5 a.m. to get ready. The show does a really interesting montage weaving in scenes together: showing Larry and Cordi getting ready during different parts of their morning, then adding in Cassie who gets a call from DPS, as well as Augie, Stella, Bonham, and Abeline.

Cassie and Trey arrive at HQ and talk about the Lieutenant position and how they’re in the top 5 candidates. Cassie sees Geri and Cordi in the courtyard talking, and she and Trey notice the rest of HQ is a ghost town.

Geri returns and talks to Cordi at HQ, and how she has a new contractor for the Side Step that she likes. She notices something is off with Cordi, she asks if he’s okay and he says he is. She talks about how they could be breaking ground on the new Side Step in a few months, and she sees right through him. She asks about what’s going on here, and he talks about how they’ve been working on the Jackal case, and she asks for him to take some time off soon.

The Jackal Case

The team meets to talk about the Jackal case, and Larry tells them that they’ll be forced to give the case over to the FBI if they don’t have a break in the case by the end of the day. They try to go over any leads, and then they bring up to look into the outlier. Cordi picks up a file and looks at it, and then hides it from the rest of the team as he stuffs it in his folder. Cordi says everyone should take a break and that he has something to do, and he takes off.

Cassie and Trey get the keys to the vending machine, and as they’re opening it to get a snack Larry catches them breaking into it. He talks about how the two of them have a great chance for the Lieutenant position. As the team goes back to looking for clues, Cordi is missing. Cassie brings up Ericka Sweeney and how she was the only one who wasn’t a parent. There was a lawsuit filed against her estate and sealed. Larry works to get it unsealed.

Trey tells Cassie about how he feels like he’s lived half a dozen lives before becoming a Ranger, and how it all led him here. Cassie tells Trey the promotion coming up feels serendipitous.

Larry comes back with the unsealed lawsuit, and find out that it’s a wrongful death suit — a 5-year-old kid died in her backyard. She was running a daycare out of her house. She wasn’t an outlier. Cassie asks if this is enough to keep the case, and Larry goes to make a phone call. Cordi arrives, and they tell him that they found the Jackal’s motive, that he’s tackling caretakers and parents he believes to be bad.

Cassie asks to talk to Cordi, and she calls him out on lying to her and not being there. She tells him he has an obsession and he tries to turn it around on her, but she calls him out on it. She tells him that his actions are dangerous, and someone else may pay for his actions next time. He says sorry and it won’t happen again. Cassie tells him they start over tomorrow and it’s a clean slate.

Larry tells Cassie and Trey that they get to keep the case, and they have a press conference coming up. Trey and Cassie tell Larry that he needs to take point on it, it’s his case.

Cordi goes to leave, but Larry stops him and tells them they’re keeping the case. Cordi tells Larry that he was right, and that he’s taking on too much and the case shouldn’t go before his family. Larry tells Cordi he’s back full-time on the case. Larry asks about getting his notebook back and sees his notebook in the truck, and Cordi tries to lie and says he’ll bring it in the morning. Larry calls it out being in his truck, and Cordi brushes it off and gives it to him. As Larry leaves, Cordi checks his phone and we see there’s a reservation to stay at an inn with no checkout date listed.

At the end of the episode, we see Cordi entering a motel room.

The Search for the Necklace

Stella and Augie are going over Hoyt’s note that Stella found, and they think some of the words are clues to something in the Walker ranch. The two of them go back to the ranch and they’re using a trick to see if there are any gaps in the fireplace where Hoyt could have hidden the necklace. Geri walks in and asks what they’re doing, and they play it off like Augie is showing Stella a photography trick. Geri asks to catch up with the two of them and to have lunch, and Stella goes to help Geri with the groceries while Augie finishes looking in the fireplace.

The three of them make lunch, and Augie tells her it’s cool about everything before she left. Stella and Augie tell Geri that they don’t have a problem with her being with Cordi, and they love her and they make their dad happy. They confide in her about how difficult the case seems to be, and also ask about Duke, and they tell Geri about the letters. Geri tells them that was a different version of Cordi, and nothing good would come from reading those. Geri tells them about Hoyt growing up and that the Sheriff came in when he was 6 to settle his Mom’s debt. She says Hoyt didn’t say much about what happened, just that they found an heirloom.

Stella and Augie look deeper into articles about the necklace and what Geri told them, and it brings up Joanna — and her last name — Rawlins. She’s Hoyt’s mom. Augie says it changes everything and they need to tell someone, and Stella says it’s not his decision, it’s hers and Sadie’s and she has it handled. Augie says he’s done and he can’t do it anymore.

Augie is helping Geri clean up, and he tells her he’s glad she’s home. He tells Geri he’s worried about dad and he should have said something sooner. She said it’s not his job to take care of everything and everyone, and that he’s just like Emily. The two get emotional, and Augie says he misses Emily, and Geri says she does too. Augie says he doesn’t want to have to miss Cordi and Stella too, and Geri asks what that means. Augie says they need to talk to Liam.

Stella continues to go over the letter, and she connects some of the words to Hoyt’s childhood home.

Stella comes downstairs to Geri, Augie, and Liam confronting her. Liam says Augie hasn’t said anything yet, but Stella will. Liam confronts her about lying, and Stella says she needs a minute — she goes upstairs, sees the window open, and flees. Liam and Geri realize she’s like Cordi and when Liam runs upstairs, he sees that she’s gone. Liam tells Augie he needs to tell them everything, now. We then see Stella taking off in the car.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Bonham and Abeline’s Retirement Plans

Bonham and Abeline talk about putting down on paper their retirement plans so that they can be on the same page. Once Bonham leaves, Liam asks Abeline about the partnership and the Barn renovations. Abeline says she realized she wants more for herself and to help mediate the conversation between her and Bonham.

At the Ranch, Liam shows Bonham an agreement with the renovation — which include bathrooms. Bonham gets upset about the renovation and that it’s too much and he leaves. Liam goes to talk to Bonham and he’s upset that it’s supposed to be their time, but he thinks Abeline doesn’t want that. He talks about Italy and how special it was to them. Liam tells him he should tell Abeline that, and Bonham says he can do better than just tell her.

Bonham sits down with Abeline and Liam, and he surprises them and tells them that he bought a boat. Liam’s eyes go wide and says he had nothing to do with this. Abeline tells Bonham that while she brought him in on the renovations, he didn’t even ask her about the boat. She tells him that Italy was lovely, but she realized she wanted more.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on The CW. You can catch up with new episodes the next day on The CW app.

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