‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 1 “The Quiet”


The CW’s Walker has returned, almost a year since the season 3 finale. Tonight, the season 4 premiere, titled “The Quiet”, aired on a new night, and the cast is back together and not missing a beat.

Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s season 4 premiere!

Cordell’s Birthday

The episode starts five months after the events of season 3 with Geri and Cordi making out, and Geri talks about celebrating Cordell’s birthday and gives him a cupcake with a candle. They also talk about another thing Cordell is doing — a steak-eating contest.

Geri texts the rest of the Walker family to let him know he’s on the move once he leaves. Abeline, Bonham, Liam, Augie, and Ben are at the Walker ranch, talking about the steak-eating contest, too. Geri arrives with a bunch of balloons, and Abeline asks if Cordell was suspicious of their plans.

Stella and Liam

Liam tells the Walkers that there’s a break in the case with the break-in at Geri’s and that he and Stella need to go talk to the investigator.

Liam knocks on Stella’s dorm door, where it’s a mess and she’s sleeping. She hurries to get ready and Liam takes her to the police station.

The detective comes into the room with Liam and Stella, and Stella asks about Sadie; the detective says Sadie and her counsel are up to speed. He also says that the powers that be have shifted resources and they want to move on. They have Stella sign a final report of the night out, where they recount that they were encountered on June 16 by an armed robbery, there was a violent altercation where the intruder was injured by the intruder’s firearm. Then they said that Liam called APD, and the suspect was found in a smoldering car two miles away, deceased from the gunshot wound. Stella signs that she did not know the victim (she lied; she knew the intruder as someone Sadie introduced her to earlier.)

Later at the Walker Ranch, Liam asks Stella how she’s dealing with everything; she says she can’t sleep, she is falling behind in class, her hair was falling out and she can’t keep her dorm window open because of the noise. Liam tells her a story about the night Hoyt died, and how he was told he needed to forgive himself and it takes time and it will get better.

Cassie Returns

At work, Cordell, Larry, and Trey are in the back of a tractor-trailer truck as a suspect is driving them around, trying to rough them up. As the truck stops, Cordell runs and slides out of the back, knocking down the suspect.

Once they arrive back at the station, Cassie walks in, back from her stint with the FBI over the summer. She says she needs help with a case. Trey calls her out for not calling him over the summer, too. Cordell asks about Tessa Graves, and Cassie tells them that she was shot and is in the hospital.

The case she needs help with revolves around the Delmonico brothers. The three agree to help Cassie with whatever she needs. Cordell calls Geri and tells her he can’t go out of town with the new case.

Cassie tells stories to other Rangers about her time away, and catches up to Cordell and asks to have lunch at the Walker Ranch. She also pulls out a gift for Cordi, new boots. Cassie also tells Cordi that she’s thinking of a new career with the FBI.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Steak Eating Contest

The Walker Family pivots as Cordell can no longer go out of town, and decides to come up with something local. Augie suggests that they get a big steak and have the contest at the ranch.

Cordell walks in with Cassie and is surprised by the whole family. They all cheer as Bonham comes into the room with a platter of steaks. Augie steps aside to ask about leaving to go to a senior year party instead of staying for his birthday. Cordell tells Augie to go and be safe.

The contest begins, and we watch as Cordell, Bonham, Liam, Trey, Ben, Cassie, and Larry tear into their meals. Abeline, Kelly, Stella and Geri are keeping count of who is in. At the end, it’s left to Cordell and Trey, but they’re interrupted when Cassie tells them the Delmonico brothers are on site. The contest gets suspended, but Trey shows that he’s done and his plate is empty and tries to claim the win.

The Delmonico Brothers

They gear up and go into a warehouse, confronting the brothers. They confront Cassie while they hold Larry at gunpoint. Cassie talks to them, and pits the brothers against each other, which gives Larry enough time to get free as Cassie and Larry take them down. Cassie gets to utter the iconic words, “Perez, Texas Ranger. You’re under arrest.” Cordell and Trey come in as Cassie says the words, looking impressed.

Back at the station, Cassie and Trey finally talk. Trey asks what he did at the wedding, and Cassie says she should have said something earlier. He doesn’t want to be the reason she was gone for so long. Cassie denies it — but the two leave on good terms as friends.

Larry pulls Cassie into his office, and asks which way she’s leaning — whether it’s staying a Ranger or going to the FBI. Larry asks her to trust him again, and that she can still make a difference as a Ranger. He tells her to sleep on the decision.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Jackal

Trey gets a text from Detective Luna with a lead on The Jackal, and he shows Cordell as the two try to keep it from Larry. The trail has been cold for five months, and this might be the next lead in the case.

Trey comes to the Walker Ranch and tells Cordell he needs to see something. As they’re talking about the Jackal, Kelly comes in and sees the information about the case. Kelly gets visibly upset, and Trey and Cordell clue her in on what’s been going on. They tell Kelly that they won’t take it to Larry until it becomes something, but she tells them to hide it and protect Larry.

Later, Geri and Cordell talk at the end of the night, and Cordell confides in Geri about everything going on and how soon they might have an empty nest. Geri asks what’s bad about it, and Cordell says it’s the quiet. He talks about how he should say some of his thoughts out loud, and as he’s about to tell Geri something, Trey knocks at the door.

Trey and Cordell star going over more about the Jackal, and they have papers scattered across the wall with newspaper clippings, photos, and more. Trey asks Cordell about what happened with Larry, and it flashes back to the first time they encountered the Jackal. We see Larry drinking at his desk, presumably drunk, and Kelly walks into the room. She asks him to come home, and Larry gets mad at Cordell for bringing her. Larry’s been there for days and he says he’s working. Cordell tries to pick him up, and he throws Cordell up against a wall as he gets upset. Cordell tells Trey how awful it was, and how it ate away at Larry.

Cordell says they need to solve it before there is another victim, and before Larry ever finds out.

Walker airs on The CW on Wednesday nights. You can catch up the next day on The CW app.

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