‘The Apothecary Diaries’ Renewed for Season 2


The Apothecary Diaries has been renewed for season 2!

After a 24-episode first season, Maomao’s adventures in sleuthing and medicine will be continuing in TOHO Animation’s hit series.

In the first season, Maomao went from lowly servant to food taster for the Emperor’s favored consort thanks to her wits and ingenuity. And Consort Gyokuyou isn’t the only high-ranking individual who has taken an interest in Maomao, the powerful eunuch Jinshi has become somewhat of a thorn in her side. After being fired from the Inner Court, it’s Jinshi that brings Maomao back into the fold where she works for him in the Outer Court before heading back to Gyokuyou’s service after the consort becomes pregnant with her second child.

Through her travels, Maomao runs into many colorful and devious individuals, all of who may or may not have more to them than meets the eye. With the manipulative tactician Lakan off her tail now, Maomao’s able to breathe a sigh of relief, but for how long until another mystery needs her expertise?

The manga is available in print and on Square Enix’s app Manga UP! with advanced chapters exclusively available. However, if you find yourself wanting even more than the manga can provide, the light novels both the manga and series are based on will be coming to English print for the first time beginning this spring, and are available digitally on Amazon and J-Novel Club.

You can watch the entire first season in subtitles and dubbed on Crunchyroll. The second season will air in 2025.

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