Review: ‘Cover My Scars With Your Kiss’ Is a Sweet, Emotional Journey


Looking for your next BL binge read? Set in the same universe as author Io Amaki’s Kiss My Bite Marks, Cover My Scars With Your Kiss Volume 1 is one of the latest manga releases from TOKYOPOP’s imprint, LoveLove.

The manga follows Seiichi Kurusu, the handsome eldest son who just so happens to be in line to inherit his father’s large company. After several chance run-ins with an insecure dentist named Nao Seto, Seiichi just can’t resist the way fate seems to be throwing hints at him left and right. And thus their romance begins.

Cover My Scars With Your Kiss tells a fast-paced, trope-filled story that certainly earns its mature rating several times over. However, beyond that, it also packs an emotional punch, driving moments between Nao and Seiichi home with scenes and dialogue that are equal parts adorable and downright moving (seriously, there were some lines that I had to go back and read twice because they really did hit just right).

Seiichi’s caring, thoughtful personality is the perfect balm to Nao’s aching, timid heart, and it’s refreshing to read a BL that depicts a healthy budding romance and relationship built upon communication, letting go of the things that hurt us, and going after what makes us truly happy. Just as its title insinuates, Cover My Scars With Your Kiss is ultimately about healing and finding the courage and strength to open your heart to love again.

And if you needed any more reasons to add this to your reading list, Amaki’s fantastic cover artwork carries over seamlessly into the rest of the story, gorgeously bringing Seiichi and Nao (and each and every one of their emotions) to life from cover to cover.

Cover My Scars With Your Kiss Volume 1 is now on sale. Please note that this manga is for mature readers aged 18+.

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