Patch 5 Additions to ‘Baldur’s Gate 3′ Includes Withers’ Epilogue Party, Honour Mode, & More!

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Patch 5 has landed for Baldur’s Gate 3, and Larian Studios has been hard at work to not only improve overall performance, but also to make some sizable additions to the game — including Withers’ epilogue party, new cosmetics, and new difficulty settings for Tavs (and Dark Urges) to customize their adventure even more.

For players that have been hoping for a bit more of a challenge beyond Tactician Mode, there’s a new mode to experience the game — Honour Mode. In Honour Mode players only have one save file, the damage is amped up as a whole, and the studio promises bosses have new tricks up their sleeve. And if you’re hoping for more of a customized difficulty experience there’s now Custom Mode, which allows players to create a more mix-and-match experience.

As for new additions, the standout is the new epilogue, featuring a party hosted by Withers at camp six months after the events of the game. Of course, this new epilogue will look different depending on your game decisions, particularly for those of us that may not have a party to get together, or were so evil that their invitation has been conveniently lost (we all know how the Baldur’s Gate mail delivery system has been lately …). Withers’ party is a great chance for players to say goodbye to those who have been part of their adventure along the way and receive some closure.

In addition to the new epilogue players can now loot and dye Orin the Red’s armor, there’s a new potential fight in Ramazith’s Tower, availability in Korean language, the ability to manage companions’ inventory in camp even if they’re not in your party, and more. It’s a sizable update at 30GB and you’ll need 130GB of free space to install it, which means you may need to delete and redownload the game entirely. Patch 5 is well worth the time to do so!

Larian notes they’re still working on Patch 5 for Mac users and hope to release it soon. To read all of the notes from Patch 5, you can check out the full notes from Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3 website here.

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