‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ Recap: Part 8, “The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord”

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“The heroes race to prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn’s escape.”

With the cargo transfer to the Chimaera complete the enemy escape is imminent. Thrawn instructs Captain Enoch to deploy two TIE fighters to the T-6 location to ensure their plans are not thwarted. Elsbeth Morgan doubts the Jedi can do much to stop them now, but Thrawn is not naïve and has seen what the heroics of a single Jedi can cause. Thrawn thanks the Great Mothers who in turn thank him and Morgan, offering her a reward for hearing their dreams across the starts — the gift of shadows. Morgan pledges herself to the Sisterhood and to the old ways, abandoning her old life and offering her life. She undergoes a brief transformation that leaves her with an appearance similar to the Great Mothers, who also bestow upon her the Blade of Talzin. Morgan Elsbeth claims her new weapon, with Thrawn grinning in approval behind as the TIE fighters set off.

The Noti continue their migration with the T-6 overhead. Inside, Ezra is constructing a lightsaber and Huyang greatly disapproves of his method. Reminiscing about Kanan Jarrus with Sabine and discussing the importance of the relationship between Master and Apprentice, Huyang ultimately gifts Ezra with the perfect emitter — the only replica to Kanan’s. With it, Ezra can construct the perfect lightsaber, and he once again wields the iconic weapon. Sabine disappears with Ezra’s attention off of her, giving him the chance to ask Huyang what happened between her and Ahsoka. Huyang fills in Ezra about what happened on Mandalore after the war, confirming that her entire family was lost. This is what led Ahsoka to stop training her — the fear the Sabine would become dangerous.

Atop the T-6 Ahsoka and Sabine get the chance to catch up privately, Ahsoka confirming she knows that Sabine went willingly. Ahsoka knows Sabine isn’t sorry, and she’s not angry because she understands the weight of having to make difficult decisions.

“Often, no one understood my reasons. Except my Master.”
“He always stood by me. Even when no one else did. That’s why no matter what happens next, I’m going to be there for you.”

Ahsoka tells Sabine that being a Jedi isn’t about wielding a lightsaber and reminds her that she needs to train her mind and body and trust the Force. As Ezra rejoins them, the TIE fighters begin their assault. Ezra and Ahsoka use the Force to prevent the damaged T-6 from falling on the Noti beneath it while Sabine waits for the perfect moment to depart, using the wings to take out the TIE fighters before crashing in a waft of smoke. Thankfully, both Sabine and Huyang are able to exit.

Captain Enoch reports to Thrawn that the T-6 was struck but the TIE fighters were lost, which the Grand Admiral doesn’t seem concerned about. Instead, he sets the plan for a ground assault. While Huyang and the Noti set on repairs to the T-6, the trio of Jedi set off. Ezra doesn’t know much — Thrawn discovered the temple alone, woke the Great Mothers alone, and rebuilt his Star Destroyer alone. It’s of no concern to Ahsoka — the front door will work fine as an entrance. Thrawn’s prejudice and patient attacks are over and he orders a reign of hellfire upon the Jedi, a new fact in his mind fresh still and clearly instilling a great amount of respect for his opponent.

“There will be no negotiating with the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.”

Lasers from the Chimaera come down all around them, and Ahsoka instructs Ezra to help open the gate first, then implores Sabine to help as well. The trio narrowly make it through the front doors to the irritation of Thrawn, who then orders the Night Troopers to move in. Ahsoka calmly instructs Sabine and Ezra through the initial attack they face, and the three are able to take out the Troopers sent their way with relative ease. Above, however, the Great Mothers chant to reanimate the fallen, and the Night Troopers raise again to face the Jedi for a second time. Ahsoka asks if this has ever happened before to which Ezra is quick to respond no. Nevertheless, zombie Storm Troopers are officially something the trio have to face. Every time one falls, it is quick to rise again.

Sabine saves Ezra from a quick demise with a combination of blasters and lightsaber. Thrawn beseeches Morgan Elsbeth to buy them more time for an escape reminding her who they serve ultimately … though as he walks away her response goes unheard, her own loyalties leading elsewhere.

“For the Empire.”
“For Dathomir.”

Ahsoka offers to face Morgan alone, instructing Sabine and Ezra to stop Thrawn. With the Blade of Talzin in hand the two begin their duel, a rematch long awaited. Thrawn and the Great Mothers board the ship and he orders departure while Ezra and Sabine continue their attempts to board themselves. Finally, in a moment of life or death, Sabine manages to use the Force, calling her lightsaber to her to take out her assailant. They’re too late, however. The ship is already pulling away from them with the enemy inside.

Ahsoka continues to fend off Night Troopers on her own while Sabine and Ezra decide to make the jump, Sabine saying she can do it. Ezra has always believed in her and doesn’t stop now. He leaps and she Force pushes him to aid his distance. She hesitates when she sees Ahsoka struggling with Morgan and the Night Troopers, losing one of her lightsabers in the process. Morgan taunts Ahsoka by saying she will die alone, giving Sabine the opportunity to reveal she stayed behind — her Master isn’t alone. Sabine focuses her attention on the Night Troopers while Ahsoka reingages Morgan and eventually dispatches her, which the Great Mothers feel and report to Thrawn.

“She has done what was required.”

Ezra responds on a Trooper communication line to conceal his arrival on the ship. As Thrawn orders the destruction of the fortress below Sabine and Ahsoka make a narrow escape on the T-6, racing to catch the departing enemy forces. Thrawn opens a line of communication to commend Ahsoka on her efforts, expressing his regret that they never got to meet face-to-face. He taunts her with the knowledge of her Master and with his victory before entering hyperspace, leaving the T-6 and its inhabitants stranded.

They rejoin the Noti who are happy to see Ahsoka and Sabine return, a small consolation in their new situation. A familiar figure — perhaps the Morai — is seen watching over Ahsoka. Shin Hati rejoins the band of bandits while Baylan finds himself at what appears to be an old temple to the Mortis Gods, presumably answering to what was calling to him in the first place. Thrawn and his forces approach Dathomir.

A singular Imperial ship lands with the New Republic, a figure in Night Trooper armor emerging. Chopper recognizes the man inside before his helmet is removed and greets his old friend cheerfully. Ezra removes the helmet to reunite with Hera at last.

“Hi, Hera. I’m home.”

Sabine is settling into her new home while Ahsoka meditates on their situation. It’s not a complete loss — Thrawn got away, yes, but Ezra also got to go home where he needs to be, just as they are. In her mind, it’s time to move on. Sabine feels something but passes it off as shadows in the starlight. Ahsoka turns to focus her attention on where Sabine’s was moments before and smiles peacefully before returning to her new home with her Apprentice.

The Force ghost of her Master, Anakin Skywalker, watches on with a proud smile.

“The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord” marks the finale of Star Wars: Ahsoka. With a series as packed full of detail as this one you may find yourself wanting to refresh on what happened, and Nerds & Beyond has you covered with episodic recaps for all eight episodes here.

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