‘Twin Love’: Premiere Date & Cast Announced for Prime Video’s New Dating Competition Hosted by Nikki and Brie Garcia

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Prime Video has announced the premiere date and cast for Twin Love, a new dating competition series hosted by Nikki and Brie Garcia (formerly the Bella Twins).

“Twin Love is a social dating experiment that explores the love lives of identical twins. Ten sets of twins will be split up and placed into two houses, creating identical casts, where they’ll begin a unique and compelling search for love,” the official synopsis reads. “With double the fun and drama, the series will discover if their inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires. When separated from their twin brothers and sisters—some for the first time ever—will they pursue identical partners? Or will their choices be dramatically different?”

Check out the cast and their bios below.

Brittany and Whittany:

“With an unbreakable bond, Brittany and Whittany take being twins to a whole new level. They talk alike, walk alike, dress alike, and are basically one in the same. They have both been single for over four years and anyone who dates them has to understand that they are a package deal.”

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz:

“Sabella and Hanna know how to work hard and play hard, but have never had much luck when it comes to dating. While Hanna is more outgoing and adventurous, she has only had “situationships” with men; Sabella is the sweeter, softer twin but also has never had a serious relationship. They have the same taste in men and even have tattoos of men’s initials they both regret getting.”

Cameron and Ceara McKegney:

“Cameron and Ceara have been entertaining their friends (unintentionally) with their endless “twin antics,” gift of gab, and sisterly bickering for as long as they can remember. Cameron is the older sister by a minute, and says “it shows.” She is the self-admitted more responsible and level-headed twin. Ceara is hyper, wild and, according to her sister, definitely more ditzy. They have the same quick wit, mannerisms, and characteristics, which make them shine extra bright together.”

Zoie and Baelee Bogart:

“Zoie and Baelee grew up in Florida with their parents and two older sisters, and have literally never been apart for more than a day. They’ve shared a room their entire lives and just moved out of their sorority house last year. They are the CEOs, social media managers, and models for their online clothing company. Always together, they claim they’re always on the same page.”

Morgan and Madison Ramsey:

“Morgan and Madison grew up in a small country town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Having grown up in the country, the girls were always outdoors and embraced their tomboy sides, doing everything from riding four-wheelers to hiking through the woods with their cousins. They believe that manners get you everywhere in life, and don’t hurt when it comes to flirting, either.”

Seth and Luke Banks:

“With four other siblings, Seth and Luke are all about family. While their siblings each have their own niche, from country music to gymnastics, the twins found their passion in golf. During family get-togethers, if you don’t speak up, you’ll never get a word in edgewise, so Seth and Luke have a knack for getting along with new people and striking up conversation.”

Jair and Micquel Bernier:

“Jair and  Micquel grew up right outside the Jersey Shore and were raised by a single mom they say they owe everything to. They were the popular jocks in high school and the life of the party in class. After graduating from the same college, they capitalized on their athletic abilities and kept the party going. They are now boxing coaches in Philadelphia, and spend their days teaching celebs and inner-city youth how to throw their best left hook.”

Matthew and Andrew Beatty:

“From a Military family, Matt and Andrew were born in Germany. They moved around a lot when they were younger, which forced them to break out of their shells. Their big personalities are matched by their signature “sick fits.” These two claim their personalities (and appearances) are so outgoing that they’ve been recognized by strangers in different cities for years.”

Samir and Samer Akel:

“Samir and Samer grew up in Syria, but moved to LA 10 years ago to pursue the American Dream. Their transition to the U.S. was difficult, but Samir and Samer have become successful at a young age with as many as six restaurants in the U.S. From a Southern deli to a sushi restaurant, they have their hands in everything, but don’t let their success fool you. These two love to go out and party with the best of them.”

David and Aaron Cabello:

“Growing up in a single-parent household with their mom, Aaron and David didn’t always have it easy. Moving every year since they were eight, they quickly became social butterflies who could connect with pretty much anyone. Shortly after going to the same school, they both decided to drop out and start their own business. They created the first Black-owned delivery service that caters specifically to Black-owned restaurants. Aaron and David built the business together in 2017 and now have a hold in Philly, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Atlanta.”

Premiering November 17, Twin Love will air on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. In the U.S. and UK, Twin Love will also premiere simultaneously on the free, ad-supported service Amazon Freevee.

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