‘Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror’ Review: New Season Premiering This October Is All Treats, No Tricks

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Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror returns with new episodes on October 1 and it features some of Osbourne’s closest companions including the whole Osbourne clan (Kelly, Sharon, and Ozzy) as well as Jenny McCarthy, and a returning Jason Mewes and Jamie Kennedy.

This season, spanning five episodes, Osbourne investigates various haunted locations in the U.S. including the Glen Tavern Inn with Sharon in the season premiere. While the first season of television specials focused mainly on ?? this season is all about the paranormal. With shorter episodes it feels as though this season has found its own identity that does set itself apart from its paranormal investigation counterparts after struggling a bit to find footing. Something that Osbourne does particularly well with his hunts is he gathers the evidence and lets it speaks for itself. There’s no need to force things into light, there’s a sense of honesty in all of his investigations which is really refreshing to see. With scaled back episodes, it features the return of psychic medium Chip Coffey who has worked with Osbourne on Portals to Hell as well as psychic medium Michelle Ballinger.

Osbourne utilizes some new ghost hunting gadgets that I personally found interesting, as I haven’t seen a lot of it showcased a ton in other paranormal shows. The Geoport created by George Brown is one that immediately comes to mind which was also used on Paranormal Lockdown. The spirit box scans AMF (Amplitude Modulated Frequency) and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) backwards that spirits can use to communicate. Osbourne’s sister, Kelly, returns to the haunt this season, not without unraveling her newfound spiritual abilities. Like the real big brother he is, he throws Kelly into many situations that truly test her gifts to the shock of everyone.

Overall, if you’re looking for a refreshing take on the paranormal, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror is well worth the viewing this Halloween season. Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror premieres Sunday, October 1 at 10/9c on the Travel Channel.

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