Adam Silvera Unveils ‘Infinity Kings’ Covers

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Cover design by Erin Fitzsimmons, Art by Kevin Tong; HarperCollins

Adam Silvera’s Infinity Cycle trilogy comes to a close in March with the upcoming Infinity Kings. The final installment in the fantasy series catches up with Emil, Brighton, Ness, and Maribelle as they face some of their biggest challenges yet. As readers await the book’s release, Silvera has revealed three covers for Infinity Kings. The book is due to release March 12, 2024 and is available for pre-order.

The US and UK Infinity Kings covers bring the best of both worlds, combining the phoenixes from Infinity Son and Infinity Reaper. The US version (left) was designed by David Curtis with art by Erin Fitzsimmons. The UK cover (right), which has some slight differences, was created by Sean Williams.

The third cover falls in line with the new designs for the trilogy. Just as the previous two featured core characters from the series, Infinity Kings does as well. Its cover focuses on Brighton and Emil as they go head-to-head. Throughout the series so far, the brothers have had a tenuous journey with one another, largely because they have such constrasting views when it comes to Emil’s powers. In Infinity Kngs, it seems everything will lead to a final confrontation between the two. The cover was designed by David Curtis, with art by Meybis Ruiz Cruz.

Art by Meybis Ruiz Cruz, Design by David Curtis/HarperCollins

The synopsis for Infinity Kings, per Silvera’s website, reads:

“After the ultimate betrayal, Emil must rise up as a leader to stop his brother before he becomes too powerful. Even if that means pushing away Ness and Wyatt as they compete for his heart so he can focus on the war.

Brighton has a legion of followers at his command, but when he learns about an ancient scythe that can kill the unkillable, that’s all he will need to become unstoppable against Emil and other rising threats.   

Meanwhile, Maribelle aligns with her greatest enemy to resurrect her lost love, and Ness infiltrates political circles to stop Iron from ruling the country, but both missions lead to tragedies that will change everyone’s lives forever. As the Infinity Son and the Infinity Reaper go to war, who will be crowned the Infinity King?”

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