‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ Recap: Season 1 Premiere “L’âme Perdue”


In the series premiere of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl arrives in France and meets a group of nuns and the guerrior. Keep reading for everything that happens in “L’âme Perdue.”

Daryl Arrives in France

Strapped to a small boat and unconscious, Daryl floats to a beach in southern France. When he comes to and falls off, he gasps for air but crawls to the beach. After he collects his bearings, he comes across a small town, collecting a tape recorder, water, a medical kit, and a knife. He visits an abandoned market in search of food but only comes across “brûlant” (burning) — a new variant of walkers. He narrowly escapes after fighting them off, but he does get infected by them. After wrapping himself up, he traverses France, eventually meeting a woman and her “blind” father who are seemingly harmless. They offer Daryl food in exchange for his med kit and he gets to know them a bit. Eventually, the guerrior shows up and holds them all at gunpoint. They get the upper-hand and kill the men but the woman turns on Daryl and knocks him out as they take his belongings and try to flee. Daryl sees a blurry figure approaching with a gun that helps bring him to safety. She leaves behind her signature art that reads: “Dieu vous aime” (God loves you).

The nun, Isabelle, helps nurse him back to health by cauterizes his arm. Isabelle believes Daryl is the “Messiah” that can help Laurent who she believes is destined for more than just “living.” Daryl wants nothing to do with that, though, as he has his own plans. He leaves but as he’s on the road he hears an engine, one that sounds just like the car that pulled up last time. He hides as they pass, realizing it’s the Genet and they’re on their way to the Sisters.

The Sisters Get a Visit

The guerrior are out for answers on who killed their men, the American man at large. They let the men in to search as Isabelle hides Laurent from them and they arm themselves. Isabelle instructs Laurent to lock the door behind her and to not come out. He agrees and she hands him the key. As Codron inches closer to the room where he is, Laurent jingles the keys and locks the door — not without Codron hearing. Just as he’s about to shoot the door handle off and enter the room, he hears his men shouting for him. They discover Father Jean’s zombified body in a cellar and wonder why he’s there. They believe in mercy — even for the wicked. Codron threatens to stake him if Isabelle doesn’t speak since she was there when his men — including his brother — were killed. She doesn’t, so they kill him. Laurent comes out screaming in hysterics and they attempt to capture him and take him in as a guerrior for Genet. The Sisters try to stop it from happening just as Daryl sneaks up and kills one of them and runs before he can get shot.

As the men split up to find Daryl, the rest take on the nuns which leads to a brutal bloodbath as most of the nuns are killed. Daryl eventually finds himself face to face with Cordon and tries to kill him, but the wounded Codron flees. As a woman is dying, she gives her blessing to Daryl, telling Isabelle perhaps he “is the one.” Isabelle, Daryl, Laurent, and Sylvie hold a vigil for the fallen and Daryl tells Isabelle how he made it there. A bunch of men stuck him on a boat and he washed up in France. He asks if she knows the way to the port and she says yes, so he agrees to take her where she needs to go.

The Guerrior Is on the Hunt

Now that Daryl has become a threat to the guerrior, the ship that he originally was on has docked in northern France. Unfortunately, the shipment was compromised, so it’s all a bit useless now. Genet (Anne Charrier) asks the captain what happened and he explains, noting that the American (Daryl) is “presumed” dead. The Genet go out in search for Daryl dead or alive.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on AMC and AMC+.

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