Watch the Teaser Trailer for AMC Networks ‘Monsieur Spade’ Starring Clive Owen


AMC Networks has unveiled a teaser trailer for their upcoming crime drama series, Monsieur Spade. The show will premiere in early 2024 on AMC and AMC+. The six-episode series stars Clive Owen, known for his roles in Closer, Children of Men, and The Knick. In addition to his lead role in the series, Owen is an executive producer.

The neo-noir crime drama follows Detective Sam Spade, the infamous protagonist of American writer Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 classic novel, The Maltese Falcon. Set in 1963, Spade (played by Owen) is retired in the peaceful and quiet town of Bozouls in the South of France. However, rumors about the return of his old adversary start circulating, and everything changes after the murder of six nuns. While the town mourns, hidden secrets, and new leads emerge. The investigation leads Spade to a mysterious child believed to possess powers.

Monsieur Spade is directed by Scott Frank and co-written by Scott Frank and Tom Fontana. The show features Clive Owen, Cara Bossom, Denis Ménochet, Louise Bourgoin, Chiara Mastroianni, Stanley Weber, Matthew Beard, Jonathan Zaccaï, and Rebecca Root.

Watch the official teaser trailer for Monsieur Spade below.

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