‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ Recap: Part 4 “Fallen Jedi”

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“Hera risks her career to help her friends while Ahsoka and Sabine confront enemies.”

Communications are down still and with no way to reach Hera Sabine, Ahsoka, and Huyang are vulnerable … though that doesn’t stop Ahsoka from venturing outside to have some time alone to think. The conclusion she has come to is a hard one — the enemy has both the map and will soon have a way to reach the destination; and if they can’t be the ones to make the journey to where Ezra is, no one should. While Sabine is reluctant to accept this might already be the case as she doesn’t want to leave Ezra stranded, Ahsoka reminds her that it may be necessary to ensure Thrawn does not return as Heir to the Empire.

Ahsoka is still uncertain that she can count on Sabine, and Huyang senses her unease. The droid sets in on repairing the ship, but from the tree line we see that he is not alone. Shin relays the location of the Jedi ship to Baylan who then instructs her (and Marrok) to join the guards as they move in on the targets, hoping to distract them longer. He urges Morgan to get their plans underway soon, and when the witch notes fear in his voice, he rebukes that it’s something often far worse than fear — “Experience.”

As Sabine dons her armor and ensures she has everything she needs, Ahsoka urges her to relax while continuing to express her concern as to whether or not she can rely on her Padawan, sensing that Sabine’s attachment to Ezra could pose a threat.

“Sometimes we have to do what’s right, regardless of our personal feelings.”

As Huyang finishes repairs the attack ensues, pushing in him to result to drastic measures — striking the ship in a manner that makes the issues inside far worse, a plea for help from the two inside. Ahsoka knows this and Master and Padawan emerge, taking out the first wave of guards with relative ease. Huyang warns that his repairs will obviously be set back a bit and Ahsoka asks him to prioritize communications so they can get ahold of Hera. He urges the two to stay together as they set off to find the base. Disobeying the orders of the Senate, Hera departs with Jacen and Chopper, a squadron close in tow including Carson Teva.

Baylan warns of the dangers a jump like the one they’re about to attempt poses, though Morgan seems plenty confident in her abilities and calculations. Shin, Marrok, Ahsoka, and Sabine meet in the woods. While Sabine and Shin set off for a rematch Ahsoka and Marrok clash, Marrok displaying even more of his prowess and fighting style. Unfortunately, Sabine hasn’t had much more training since the last time she faced off against Shin and she is still struggling, Shin tossing her into a tree and knocking off her helmet with little effort.

Marrok advances on Ahsoka and takes a serious hit to the torso, who in turn falls to the ground and erupts into … dust? RIP internet predictions. Sabine urges Ahsoka to leave and get the map, and Shin continues to advance on her opponent like predator on prey, unblinking (which is a fantastic acting choice and I love it).

Ahsoka joins Baylan at the map, who is waiting expectantly for her already, eager to open up old wounds by immediately mentioning her former Master and taunting her for abandoning him.

“Your legacy, like your Master’s, is one of death and destruction.”

Ahsoka prepares to fight though Baylan is still more interested in talking, now moving on to his cause which he views as ensuring the future — one where Thrawn returns, starts another war, and from the destruction a better future can be created. Ahsoka draws her weapon first and the two slowly enter into a well-calculated duel, neither too eager to make the first move. It’s apparent with the first clash of their lightsabers that Baylan presents a formidable opponent to Ahsoka.

Morgan awaits the final coordinates which are only moments away as both Baylan and Ahsoka and Shin and Sabine continue to duel. Shin knocks Sabine to the ground, forcing her to reveal that she cannot use the Force — but Mandalorian weaponry helps, and gives her an opportunity to disarm her opponent. Baylan continues to taunt Ahsoka, who ultimately removes the map but is seemingly burnt by it.

Shin distracts Sabine with an explosive and runs, which Sabine is quick to follow suit. Baylan does not give Ahsoka a moment to recover before advancing on her again, though it’s too late — she’s already interrupted the final calculations. Wounded, Ahsoka worries for Sabine when Shin emerges. She uses the Force to knock Shin against one of the rocks before she can reach the map, though Sabine quickly joins them and grabs the map herself. Ahsoka urges her to destroy it, though Sabine is clearly still hesitating.

Baylan knocks Ahsoka off of the cliffs and into the water beneath, and Sabine fires on him which he is able to counteract with ease. She turns her blaster toward the map again which halts his movements, haltering his lightsaber as he focuses his efforts on his words again, telling her he knows what Ezra means to her and insisting that they share a common goal. Baylan convinces Sabine to come with him willingly with the promise that no harm will come to her and that she will be reunited with Ezra.

Sabine hands over the map by choice, and from behind her Shin begins to Force choke her. Baylan instructs Shin to stop, promising that he is going to keep his word unlike her former Master. Hera gets ahold of Huyang on Seatos as she and the Phoenix Squadron arrive to offer some assistance. With the calculations complete, Baylan destroys the map and sets off to return to Morgan. Shin forces Sabine, now in handcuffs, to follow.

As the Phoenix Squadron sets in on the target Baylan and company return to Morgan, who instructs for the hyperdrive to be engaged. Noting the surge in power and that the enemy is about to jump still doesn’t present enough time for the Phoenix Squadron to adjust their coordinates, and all of the ships take some damages — multiple lost completely. The enemy ship jumped successfully.

Ahsoka wakes to find herself on an astral bridge suspended in the stars, possibly the World Between Worlds. As she attempts to orient herself a familiar voice calls to her.

“Hello, Snips.”
“I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

Ahsoka turns to find her former Master, Anakin Skywalker, waiting behind her — looking as he would during his last days before falling as Vader. To play out the episode, part of “Vader’s Theme” plays in the background.

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