‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ Recap: Part 3 “Time to Fly”


“Hera tangles with New Republic politics while Ahsoka and Sabine Wren voyage to a distant planet.”

Sabine has begun her training again, and while she feels her skills in the basics are enough to get by, Huyang has serious doubts about her skills. Ahsoka steps in to teach her padawan how to access the Force, beginning with a visionless helmet and encouraging her to use her senses, concentrate, and feel her presence rather than see it.

“I want you to see with more than just your eyes.”

As the lesson progresses, Sabine becomes more sure of herself and is able to spar with Ahsoka for brief spurts, until Ahsoka ultimately knocks her to the ground with minimal effort. But Ahsoka was never one to give up during her training, and expects the same of her padawan, asking Sabine to go again.

Hera discusses the attack she experienced recently with other New Republic generals and Senators, including Mon Mothma. Despite the fact the issue on Corellia was shut down and the perpetrators arrested, Hera warns that she feels this is part of a larger operation, one that points to Grand Admiral Thrawn. While the others present are surprised because the widespread belief is that Thrawn died when he disappeared years ago, Hera says she believes the Grand Admiral is still alive, though this leads to her being accused of formulating another ploy using New Republic resources to find Ezra Bridger. Hera does not respect her accuser, Senator Xiono, however, because he never served in the war as she did.

“Thrawn is not your typical Imperial Officer. I know because I fought against him. He killed friends, people who were like family to me. I’ve spent most of my life fighting a war and that’s why I’m trying to convince you to help me prevent another one.”

Jacen Syndulla, Hera’s son with the late Kanan Jarrus, appears to ask his mom if it’s true that his Aunt Sabine is going to be a Jedi like Chopper told him, expressing that he wants to be a Jedi as well.

Sabine is frustrated with the progression of her training, as she was hopeful that the urgency of their situation would speed things along. Sabine is discouraged because she can’t feel or use the Force, though Ahsoka reassures her that the Force resides in all living things and that it takes time and training to learn the ways of the Force, encouraging her padawan to start with small tasks, like moving a cup across a table as she effortlessly demonstrates.

Huyand hasn’t heard from Hera on support from the New Republic, and while following up with Ahsoka on her feelings toward Sabine’s training, insisting that the trainee is not a suitable candidate for training.

“I don’t need Sabine to be a Jedi. I need her to be herself.”

Sabine’s attempts at moving the cup are futile, her frustration likely blocking her from any semblance.

Hera passes along the information that she and the fleet will not be joining because the Senate Committee rejected the request, though communications are soon cut off as they enter the Denab System. The crew is soon set on by six spacecraft, two of which contain the former Inquisitor Marrok and Shin Hati. Ahsoka takes the opportunity as a lesson for Sabine, encouraging her Padawan to trust her instincts. Huyang worries there’s no future for them as the pair seem reluctant to work together.

Ahsoka puts her pride aside and asks Sabine to instruct her as to what she needs to take the squadrons out, showcasing impressive piloting skills in the process. The crew approaches the Eye of Sion and Morgan expresses her disappointment in Shin and Marrok, saying she will handle the problem as they near the hyperspace ring. Through more impressive flying the group are able to approach, so Huyang can get a scan of the ring, though the ship is damaged is damaged in the process and goes offline along with the droid.

Morgan loses visual, though Hati is quick to remedy that issue.

“Morgan – congratulations, you almost got them. I have eyes on them. We’ll take it from here.”

Scanners pick up the fast approach of Marrok and Shin, though the ship and Huyand remain offline due to the damages. Ahsoka exits the ship to block lasers and create a distraction while Sabine gets the ship back up and running, fighting from atop the ship in space. Thankfully, Sabine gets the ship back online just in time to return Ahsoka to the ship from her free float before Shin and Marrok get to her.

Purrgil is in flight surround the three, creating a living obstacle course for all of them to navigate and the perfect atmosphere for Ahsoka, Sabine, and the still offline Huyang to escape. Huyang is back online and seems unphased by the fact they almost died. Landing on the planet they’ve found themselves on, Ahsoka shuts down the ship and Huyang to avoid detection as Shin and Marrok pass overhead. The two exits to regroup with Morgan.

Ahsoka turns the ship and Huyang back online so the three can discuss the scans of the ring, though Sabine is visibly emotional and distracted by seeing the purrgil, the last time she did so being the day Ezra disappeared. Though the ring is still under construction, which is good news, Huyang has never seen a hyperspace ring built on this scale and theorizes it could be used to jump between galaxies at incredible speeds.

“The Jedi have taken refuge in the forest. Hunt them down.”

The episode ends with Baylan ordering a group of his inferiors to hunt down the trio.

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