Audible Announces Premiere Date and Cast for ‘Impact Winter’ Season 2

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Fans of the popular Audible original series Impact Winter have several reasons to celebrate! Season 2’s premiere date and the cast have just been announced. Along with this news, season 3 has already gotten the green light!

Impact Winter is set to debut exclusively on Audible on July 13. Created by Travis Beacham, Impact Winter follows the story of a world set during a vampire apocalypse. The series picks up eight years after a comet impact blots out the sun. This results in an endless winter where vampires can rule the world. Listeners meet two sisters, one works to follow her destiny, while the other protects a group of survivors in her sister’s absence. The group must face the hard truth that even if they can fight off their biggest threat, the vampires, they will still have to accept their fate living in this world of eternal winter.

Head of Audible Studios, Zola Mashariki, stated, “The hit first season of Impact Winter combined extraordinary storytelling with the highest-quality production value and performances. We’re delighted to deliver two new seasons of this powerful series that has captivated audiences across the globe. With the addition of new characters and a similarly immersive soundscape, we are confident that this epic tale will continue to provide listeners with a uniquely entertaining experience.”

Impact Winter has an incredible returning voice cast including Holliday Grainger, Esmé Creed-Miles, David Gyasi, Caroline Ford, Bella Ramsey, and Liam Cunningham. Some newcomers will be joining in season 2 like Sacha Dhawan, Ralph Ineson, Ellie Bamber, Danielle Galligan, and Andrew Gower.

With Travis Beacham at the helm, this second season will no doubt be an extraordinary and ambitious continuation of the story that caught audiences’ ears in 2022. Fans can now revisit season one of Impact Winter on Audible here. Don’t miss season 2 coming to Audible or anywhere you listen to podcasts on July 13.

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