‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 “Collision Course”


In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Lois attempts to interview Peia in the hopes of unearthing the truth about an old case, while Clark struggles to spend quality time with the boys.

Lois Finishes Chemo

Lois has officially finished her chemo treatments and she’s cancer free. She gives a speech about how tough the process has been on not only her, but her entire family. However, she’s thankful that they were there to help her through the process. After, she (finally!) rings the bell.

Lois Interviews Peia

Lois visits Peia at the DoD to get to the bottom of her story and possibly get a confession about Lex Luthor. While Peia doesn’t directly say she was the one behind the voice of Lex’s confession, she tells Lois he’s done far worse than what they got him for so letting him out of prison would be a mistake. Lois helped falsely imprison him, though; she just wants the truth on record. Peia ends the conversation and thanks her for visiting, but she’s not to come back.

Sarah and George Dean Jr. Are Getting Closer

Sarah has been talking to George Dean Jr. more and he invites her to a party, one that Jon and Jordan also decide to attend. They start drinking (except for Jon) and Jordan tries to butt into Sarah and George’s conversation. George brushes him off so Sarah tells him to go get a drink instead so he can finish his story. Not long after, the party gets raided by the police and everyone is seen scrambling and running. Sarah and George get into her car and make a quick getaway. A deer runs in front of them and Sarah swerves out of the way so she doesn’t hit it but because of how fast they were going the car starts to flip. Before it could do any damage to them, Jordan flies in and saves them in his supersuit. George is confused but Sarah pretends she doesn’t see anything. When the police and Kyle show up asking questions, the officer ignores George’s claims but Kyle wants to know more. He asks Sarah if she saw anything but she covers for Jordan and tells him she has no idea what he’s talking about.

Matteo Visits the DoD

Now that Matteo is filled in on everything with his parents, Bruno sends him in to visit his mom. He puts special cufflinks on him that contain a cure for her cancer. After he gives it to her he leaves, promising it won’t take long to kick in. Lois and Clark are distracted by everything going on at home that they have no inkling anything is happening with Matteo and Peia. Lois attempts to get a confession out of her one last time but when she enters the room, Peia is completely healed. She tells Lois to break her out. Lois tries to call for her dad, Peia screams and breaks the glass, sending him backwards. Lois helps her to a certain point but she can’t get through the private areas because she doesn’t have access. Peia tells her she wishes things were different and that maybe they could even be friends in another life.

The Governor Visits Smallville

Lana pulls out all the stops for the governor who is making a special visit to Smallville. She spends the whole day with Lana, learning more about her and her mayoral campaign. She finds they have many similarities, including the fact they were both cheated on which makes it particularly awkward between Lana and Chrissy. That evening as they’re having dinner at the diner and sharing stories, Kyle comes in and Chrissy perks up. The governor notices this as Chrissy lets Lana know it’s for her. Kyle fills her in on Sarah getting a DUI and says they need to talk about it as a family. The governor sees Sarah in the back of the police car and asks Chrissy if that’s her daughter but Chrissy pretends to be clueless. She then asks Chrissy if that’s her ex-husband, why did she jump up first? Chrissy stays quiet.

Kyle’s Super Suspicions Grow

After the accident, Kyle tries to piece together who has been at the center of the heroism in Smallville if not Superman. He tries to talk to Lana and Sarah about it who both brush him off, so he heads to the Kent residence instead. He tells Clark he knows Jonathan is the one with powers, he was at the party and at the site of the fires. Clark vehemently denies his son’s involvement, but Kyle pushes him further. As this is happening, Clark hears people screaming and knows he has to leave but Kyle won’t let him. Ever since the Kent’s have moved to Smallville things have changed. Clark forcibly pushes him back and promises to tell him everything “tomorrow” as he flies away, leaving Kyle bewildered. But this begs the question, now that Kyle knows Clark is Superman (or at the very least has superpowers), is he going to be a thorn in his side? Kyle isn’t yet aware that his ex-wife, daughter, and girlfriend know about the Kent family’s secret, so is he going to keep it quiet too?

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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