‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2 Review: One Last Turbulent and Emotional Flight


When Manifest premiered in 2018, fans were immediately hooked and fascinated by the concept of a plane disappearing and coming back five and a half years later, with the passengers not aging a day. These passengers wound up getting what is known as a Calling, which would prove very useful to them in surviving what they discovered was a Death Date. The amount of time they were gone would be the amount of time they had left, and that Death Date would be June 2, 2024, which is where season 4 part 2 of Manifest takes us, albeit a year early IRL. Following yet another cliffhanger, this time after Angelina stole the Omega Sapphire and ultimately started the apocalypse, the final batch of episodes was an emotional ride as the passengers tried their hardest to survive the inevitable, especially now that the entire world was at stake and not just the 191 passengers aboard 828.

Filled with heartache, action, and emotions, these episodes culminate a story five years in the making. While at times a tad over-rushed, it’s easy to remember that if not for Netflix and the “Manifesters,” Manifest would have ended at three seasons, three seasons earlier than what creator and showrunner Jeff Rake intended. Rake planned for the series to have six seasons, enough to really tell the story of the Callings and Flight 828 until NBC canceled the series. Squeezing three seasons’ worth of storylines into only 20 episodes was no easy task, and these final 10 episodes were still enough to perfectly wrap up the mystery that is 828. But that’s not all that Michaela deals with, as she is as motivated as ever to solve these Callings, and possibly save the world. Her heartache leads to determination, and Roxburgh unsurprisingly nails her performance and the emotions every time. Michaela has grown a lot since we first met her, and you can really see that in season 4 part 2.

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This cast doesn’t get enough credit or recognition for their performances, even four seasons in, and this includes Holly Taylor, who was only introduced in the third season as Angelina Meyer. She grew from this innocent and shy passenger into the villain who truly believes she is taking orders from God to fulfill a prophecy. And scarily, she is a natural at it. With the final 10 episodes showing the aftermath of what happened after Angelina took the sapphire, Taylor truly ups her performance to a point where you really feel for Angelina and maybe even believe what she’s doing. Angelina’s story is a tragic one, and Taylor plays the part absolutely perfectly. It is award-worthy, emotions and all.

Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh, meanwhile, as siblings Ben and Michaela Stone, aka co-captains of the Lifeboat, have really stepped up in these final episodes, but that’s to be expected. The two of them have been at the forefront of Manifest since the beginning, but with the Death Date closer than ever, they have to make decisions that will possibly change the outcome in whatever that may be. Michaela is still reeling from Zeke’s death, and because of Roxburgh’s portrayal of that heartache, you can tell that she is forever changed and longing for the love of her life. Even just after Zeke’s death in episode 10, you could hear the heartbreak so clear, which proves that Roxburgh poured her heart and soul into the emotions.

Dallas, on the other hand, once again knocks it out of the park. Ben has always been one to never give up and lead the passengers. In the first 10 episodes of season 4, you saw him start to give up until he was reminded what he was fighting for. Now he’s really looking out for the passengers, even more so than before, because the Death Date is getting so close. His performance, as always, is so incredible and emotional. Not only does Ben have his kids to worry about, but he also has been trying to make sure that he saves the passengers and now the world, and seeing him balance them out, especially so close to the Death Date, is like a side of Ben you’ve never really seen before because he knows how he can be when he gets too deep or not deep enough. Now it’s a balancing act for him, and Dallas does it flawlessly.

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As for the rest of the cast, everyone is able to shine in their own way at some point or another. Even if it’s for a short time, they each have something to deliver. Manifest has an ensemble cast, and still, even if they aren’t directly part of the main storyline, they make their story theirs. Manifest has made you care about characters, no matter how big or small, and each time, it is critical to the bigger storyline, which is still the same during part 2. While not everyone has been on the series since the beginning, they are still as important to the story as the original cast — at times, even more important, and these episodes really shine a light on each character, even if the storyline may be a smaller one. And yet, each actor brings their all to their performance, and it really brings the series altogether.

Overall, season 4 part 2 of Manifest was an incredibly heartbreakingly emotional story and a great way to wrap up the series. These four seasons of the series have brought a story that has captivated audiences for years, and in 10 final episodes, it was wrapped up in an action-filled, mystery-filled, unpredictable bow. It will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more even when the story is completed, with surprises and plot twists you didn’t think were possible. Season 4 part 2 is a wild flight filled with turbulence, but all things work together for good, and in the end, it is truly the best way that Manifest could have completed its story.

See for yourself how 828’s story finally comes to an end with season 4 part 2 of Manifest premiering on Friday, June 2 only on Netflix. Check out our other coverage on the series here, including episodic recaps and more.

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