Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina Are in Too Deep in ‘Based on a True Story’ Trailer

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True crime has been a present and consistent interest for people for many, many years. From shows that focus on cold cases, podcasts, books, and more, it’s safe to say true crime is a pop culture staple. In Peacock’s new series Based on a True Story, two true crime fans get a little too invested. The comedy series premieres on June 8, and Peacock released the official trailer.

Meant to spoof the true crime obsession, Based on a True Story follows Ava (Kaley Cuoco) and her husband Nathan (Chris Messina), a couple who have hit financial struggles after Nathan loses his job and the pair are expecting a baby. When Ava learns about an active serial killer, the Westside Ripper, in town, she decides the best way to get her and Nathan out of their rut: catch the killer. So, Nathan eventually goes along with the plan. However, their investigation soon wades from a basic search into more dangerous territory.

The series is created, written, executive produced, and showrun by Craig Rosenberg. Jason Bateman and Alex Buono executive produced, with Roxie Rodriguez co-executive producing for Aggregate Films and Melissa Blake co-executive producing. Michael Costigan produced on behalf of Aggregate Films. Additional cast includes Tom Bateman, Natalia Dyer, Liana Liberato, Aisha Alfa, Priscilla Quintana, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Li Jun Li, and Alex Alomar Akpobome.

Based on a True Story debuts June 8 on Peacock. Watch the trailer below:

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