‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 18 “It’s a Nice Day for a Ranger Wedding”


The season 3 finale of The CW’s Walker aired tonight, as we saw the Walker family and crew celebrate Captain Larry James’ wedding. Plus, we got to meet Detective Luna (played by Walker: Independence‘s Justin Johnson Cortez), as well as see what could fold into the story for season 4.

We also had the chance to talk to the show’s star and executive producer, Jared Padalecki, about the season 4 pickup, the season 3 finale, and more. You can read that here.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode!

The Opening

As the episode opens, we see a place wrecked with broken glass everywhere, and someone lying on the floor, bloody, but we don’t see who it is. All we see are some flowers on the floor next to them.

The Run

In a callback to the season 2 finale, we first see our Walker crew as they’re on a run around the Walker ranch. This includes Cordell, Liam, and Trey, who were doing the same thing in last season’s finale before Cordell was abducted. We also see that Cassie is on the run, beating all three of the men. This time, though, the race ends the way it should have, with everyone making it safe to the house.

Abeline pulls Trey aside and asks Trey if he’s bringing a plus one. He said he was planning to ask Lana, but he didn’t think bringing Lana would be a great idea. Abeline doesn’t believe his excuse, and she tells him he deserves to be happy.

The Wedding Plans

Cordell helps Larry with the seating chart, and they’re moving stuff around. Cassie interrupts and says Tessa Graves called and has an opportunity for Cassie and Cordell to work with the FBI over the summer.

The family all meet in the living room, and Cassie asks if anyone has checked the weather, they’re expecting rain. They all brainstorm, and Liam brings up the hay barn that’s on property. Everyone minus Cordell goes to check out the barn, and it’s going to need a lot of work. They all band together to agree to clean up the barn to make it work.

Trey and Cassie talk about the FBI offer, and he tells her not to stay away forever. Sadie is also helping, and Stella invites her as her plus one. Augie pulls Stella aside to say he wanted to invite her, but Stella said he didn’t have a plus one.

Stella Returns to College

Stella tells Cordell and Augie that she’s decided to start college in the fall and that she’s doing it in Austin.

Detective Luna

Cordell gets a phone call from Detective Luna from Corpus Christi PD, who tells him that Hollis Miller died. Cordell asked what his cause of death was, and Luna said he passed in his sleep. Cordell questions it, because he was young. Cordell asked if his insulin levels were normal, and Luna says yes — and Cordell asks about if there were other traces in his system — and Luna said he should know that’s not standard. Cordell asks for him to check, but Luna said he called him as a courtesy, and he doesn’t want to go back in time.

Cordell and Geri

At Geri’s house, Cordell and Geri work on the seating chart. Geri asks about the wedding, and she brings up how weddings can bring up all sorts of emotions.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

A Ranger Wedding

Everyone is at the barn for the wedding. Cordell gives a nice speech as he officiates it, and Kelly and Larry say “I do.” Once they do, the lights go out and Cassie descends from a staircase in the barn, singing. Kelly starts singing next, surprising everyone. Everyone joins in, and then it leads to a fun montage of all the cast dancing.

Bonham finds Stella and tells her that he hears she’s going to college and that he’s proud of her. Larry finds Cordell and Cordell tells him about the conversation with Detective Luna. Larry says he can’t go back there, and Cordell says he wouldn’t have brought it up except for the fact he just wanted to be transparent.

Stella finds Sadie, and Sadie catches the bouquet as it’s being thrown. Geri and Cordell dance, and he tells her about the FBI offer. Abeline and Trey come back from dancing, and Trey and Cassie talk. Cassie tells Trey that she’s going to go for the FBI offer, but it might be for more than just the summer. Trey tells Cassie that Austin has become home, and a lot of that is because of her, and she says the same to him, too. Trey says they care so much about each other.

Augie’s Secret

Augie toys with the idea of telling his dad about wanting to join the Army, but he finally does it. Cordell gets a little upset that Augie told Bonham before him. He also tells Cordell that the recruiter said he could join early, but he’d Cordell’s consent. Cordell asks for some time to think about it.

After the wedding, Cordell and Augie talk. He tells Augie how proud he is of him. Cordell says he’s not saying no, never to the Army, but just no right now. Finish high school, and he can look into basic training after that. Stella overhears and comes in the room once Cordell leaves, and tells Augie she loves him.

The Goodbye

Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Larry and Kelly, as well as Bonham and Abeline, and interwoven in those scenes is a scene of someone trashing a house, recalling back to the first scene we see of the show.

Stella and Sadie arrive back at Geri’s place to find out it was trashed. They still hear someone in the house, and Stella and Sadie fight the intruder. A gunshot goes off as Stella’s on the ground, and the intruder was shot. They rip the mask off to find it’s Witt. Stella and Sadie go back to the barn to find Liam. She asks Liam for his help. Liam arrives at Geri’s place with a gun in his hand, but Whit is gone.

Stay for the Summer

Geri and Cordell are back at the Side Step, and Cordell stops Geri. He tells her that he wants her to stay this summer and stay there with him. Geri smiles, and the two of them kiss.

They get interrupted by Cordell’s phone ringing, and it’s Detective Luna. He says that he had the test run, and there were traces of what Cordell was looking for. Cordell says he’ll call him back, and he takes a seat. Cordell tells Geri that years ago there was a case of a serial killer, who they called the Jackal, who Larry and he tried to hunt down. Larry became consumed with it. Cordell says it could be him back again, as the man who died, was one of his intended victims at the time.

Walker will return for a fourth season on The CW. You can catch up on episodes on The CW’s app.

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