‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 8 “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”


In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Natalie meets Matteo’s parents, Pia puts herself in danger, and Lois, Clark, and Chrissy have made a big discovery about the Bruno Mannheim investigation. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.”

Lex’s False Imprisonment?

Chrissy wants to run a story about Bruno’s secret wife but Lois isn’t having it. She wants to move away from stories about Bruno. This angers Chrissy a bit because of how much time they’ve spent on the case, and Lois acting so nonchalant isn’t making it better. Clark tries to diffuse the situation and says he’ll talk to Lois. When he does, she stands firm on not wanting to attach her name to the byline so Clark offers to investigate it with Chrissy instead. When he tells Chrissy this, she’s not totally convinced, but he also went to the school of Lois, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sam is at the Kent residence with a bunch of files about Bruno and Lex. He’s happy to see Lois back to herself, but gets a notification about a date he has. Lois tells him to go, he can’t be late (turns out he is anyway. Oops!). After combing through the files, Lois finds there’s more there than she even knew about Lex and Bruno. She presents them to Clark and Chrissy who have just come back from interviewing Pia’s mom for their story that they made a dead end on. They listen to the tape of Lex “confessing” when Clark realizes the buzzing sound in the background, noting that his voice was being mimicked and it was Bruno and the “Sound Assassin” the entire time, leading them to believe they put Lex in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

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Natalie Meets Matteo’s Parents

Natalie is set to go out to dinner with Matteo’s parents, Pia and Bruno. They all make it to the restaurant and Bruno asks if she made the treck from Smallville. She notes that she did and asks if he’s ever been himself. He can’t say that he has, but it’s been on his radar lately. Pia has a coughing fit and Bruno tries to end the dinner and take her home but she wants to stay and be there with all of them, she wants to get to know Natalie better. After that, the dinner is seemingly going well as Pia tells stories about Matteo’s upbringing and brings laughs to the table, but when John Henry shows up, it’s a different story.

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Superboy’s Identity Is Threatened

Jon is on the job getting some experience at a local fire when Superboy shows up to help put out the fire. Jon seems him fly in and heads to the side of the building where he finds Jordan and a victim of the fire who suffered from extreme smoke inhalation. He flies off as Kyle and his team come around the corner to find Jon there with him. Kyle is angry because he told Jon to stay by the truck and sends him home for the day. Jon is obviously upset he might lose his job so he confronts his brother about it. Although Jordan wanted to help, they didn’t need it. Jordan spits out a fiery statement, telling his brother while he has heat vision Jon’s training includes delivering coffees. Sarah and Jon are both taken aback by what he said and Jon storms out of Kyle’s apartment. Later, Jordan apologizes to his brother but it may be too late. They think someone with powers helped put out the fire and they may be closer to finding his identity then they’re letting on.

Lana’s Cure

Lana gets a notification about a concert she and Kyle were supposed to go to together, The Cure. She asks Sarah if she wants to go and make it a girls night but Sarah doesn’t know the music so it would be a waste of a ticket. Lana is clearly a bit upset that Sarah would turn down spending time with her mom but she persists and asks around to a few people. She starts with Clark but he can’t go so she offers to sell them to Chrissy but she has a “conflict” as well and wouldn’t be able to go with Kyle. Feeling defeated, Lana runs into Sam at the diner and she tells him about her troubles. He tells her it sounds like she needs to get back out there, but Kyle really hurt her and she’s afraid she’ll get hurt like that again. After an insightful conversation from Sam, she realizes she can’t let that stop her. Jordan talks to Sarah and tells her it’s not just about the music — she should spend time with her mom. At the end of the episode, Sarah and Lana are dancing in their living room listening to The Cure.

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Pia Saves Bruno

When Bruno finds out that John Henry is Natalie’s father when they come face to face, the whole restaurant’s atmosphere changes. Guns are pointed at John Henry and Bruno instructs his henchmen to get the kids out of there. Pia pleads with Bruno, telling him not to do this but he punches him multiple times in the face anyway. John Henry is able to call for his suit and once it makes it to him, Pia defends her husband with her sound sans mask. John Henry is eventually able to get inside of it but she doesn’t stop. They take the fight outside into an alley and John Henry is dying fast. Clark hears it and realizes it’s John Henry so he dashes off to help save him. Pia puts all her force into holding the both of them off but it eventually overwhelms her and she falls to the ground, fainting. Bruno is beside himself but Superman checks her vitals and tells him she needs to get to a hospital now or she’s going to die. Bruno gives him the go ahead to take her and he rushes off. Matteo and Natalie find the aftermath in the alley but before anything else can happen, John Henry bolts off with Natalie.

When they get home, he tells Natalie she can’t see him anymore, despite him also not knowing what was going on. He confiscates her phone and leaves her completely distraught. Matteo, meanwhile, is angry. He is seen pushing his dad off of him in a heated exchange before storming off and out of the room. Pia, at the DoD, is currently stable but Superman notes her cancer is spreading and she doesn’t have much longer to live. John Henry doesn’t care, even though Lois may have bonded with her at Hob’s Bay, she’s still a bad person and she tried to kill him.

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