‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “Too Close To Home”

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In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Lois and Clark go into protective parent mode, John Henry meets with Bruno Mannheim, and Lois devises a plan to infiltrate one of Bruno’s facilities. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Too Close To Home.”

Jordan’s New Identity

After assisting Superman on a mission, Sam presents Jordan with a few photos that clearly show the back of his head, making him identifiable. Sam takes him to cut his hair but Jordan fights back because it’s not something his dad ever had to do. But there’s no time for carelessness. Jordan hops out of the car and storms off. Once Clark and Lois hear about the incident from Sam, they tell Jordan he needs to apologize and that Sam was doing the right thing trying to protect him. The next day, Jordan and Sam head back to the barbershop only this time, once Jordan has apologized, Sam realizes that as a teen, everything feels like a bigger issue than it is. So, he tells Jordan he doesn’t have to cut his hair and instead gives him his very own suit accompanied by a pair of goggles his dad (Jordan’s great-grandfather) wore in the World War.

Lana & Sarah Make Amends

Sarah is still staying with her dad but Lana is trying to make contact to apologize. Sarah doesn’t want to speak to her; she can’t understand why her mom would strike her. Once Kyle learns Lana hit Sarah, he calls Lana back and tells her he’s coming over so they can talk. Sarah didn’t tell him the whole story though, and what prompted Lana to lose it. It’s still not okay, but Sarah was antagonizing her and that wasn’t okay either. Lana feels awful about it and really wants to apologize, so Kyle takes Sarah to the Diner where they meet with Lana. Lana apologizes, she doesn’t want to be like her family and promises something like that will never ever happen again; she loves Sarah and doesn’t want to hurt her.

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The Blood Debacle

The DoD has no idea how Superman’s blood got into the wrong hands considering it’s been locked down and hasn’t been used for anything. Not only did Superman not give consent he was not made aware of the blood vials. Their intentions to use it were pure, hoping to use them in case of an emergency if Superman finds himself in another situation where he almost dies again. They want to avoid anything like it happening ever again but Superman has other plans, He uses his lasers to melt and destroy all the vials.

John Henry, Meet Bruno

John Henry meets with his sister, Dr. Irons, on this Earth to ask about her brother. He wants to know what kind of person he was so he can keep his family (Natalie) safe. She tells him all she knows about what happened with Bruno and six months after he cut contact he was murdered. She gets overwhelmed after they divulge a shared experience and says she can’t see him ever again. John Henry understands the feeling very well. Unfortunately, John Henry has been followed by Bruno’s cronies who have been taking photos of him. They bring John Henry in to speak to Bruno who shows him the photos followed up with one of his sister. If he wants her safe he needs to walk away from this life. He hits the button on his watch to retrieve his suit and tells them to go to hell before pushing past and flying out the window where his suit meets him. They find where his sister is and at the very last second, he detonates the bomb attached to her. Once she’s safe, John Henry goes back to Bruno’s and threatens him. Bruno sends a few of his own back. He won’t kill him because if he does, his family all over the world (including the ones in New Orleans) will also be in danger. All he has to do is tell his men waiting there to kill them. Bruno then tells him to leave and never come back.

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Candice’s New Pad

Jonathan pays a visit to Candice’s where he runs into her dad. He knows he was the one that stole his truck, and her dad threatens him. He doesn’t want Jon spreading any more lies about him but he isn’t. He strikes Jon across the face and says next time, it’ll be more than just his fists. Jon heads home to Lois who questions him and then sees the bruise forming on his eye. He doesn’t want to tell her at first because of her chemo treatments and Clark telling them to give her a beak for the day, but eventually, he tells her and she takes both him and Jordan with her to visit Candice’s dad. He answers the door and Lois gets right in his face; she’s not scared of men like him. He’s not above putting his hands on a woman and flashes her his gun. Jon and Jordan try to diffuse the situation but Lois has it handled. They quickly leave after she sends him a threat of her own.

Once Clark gets home, Lois informs him about Candice’s dad hitting Jon and stealing his truck. Clark looks confused and upset but it turns to anger and rage once he hears about the gun. He goes to the diner and spots him before going up to him and introducing himself as Jon’s dad and Lois’ husband. This time, he attempts to punch Clark but Clark catches his arm and slams him onto the table. If he ever threatens his family ever again, Clark will find him. He rushes out of the diner leaving a distraught Candice behind. Clark takes Candice back to their place and Candice apologizes for his behavior but he’s all she has. Lois chimes in to tell her she also has them, offering to let her stay with them until she finds a place more permanent for her.

Lois’ Plan to Infiltrate

After meeting with both Clark and John Henry, Lois feels awful about what happened to John’s sister. Once John Henry can put proper security measures in place for his entire family, Clark will go after him. Lois thinks they don’t have to wait that long, though. if she can get treatment at his facility in Hoggs Bay, maybe she can infiltrate that way. It’s a public place so they won’t harm her there. Only, Bruno has other plans. He wants to know exactly why Lois is seeking out chemo treatments at his facility and he’s going to get to the bottom of it himself.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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