‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 15 “False Flag Part Two”

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Tonight concluded an epic two-parter episode of The CW’s Walker, where the Grey Flag storyline comes to a head, and Cordell must fight Kevin face-to-face.

Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s episode of Walker. You can catch up on the first part of the episode here.

After the Explosion

Larry gives a press conference to the media about the explosion and states that six FBI agents and Julia passed. The mayor is in critical condition, and he was the intended target. Larry names Kevin Golden as the suspect, and the FBI believes that Kevin’s accomplice was Cordell since he was seen fleeing the scene of the bombing.

A flashback occurs, and you see Julia’s bodybag there as Cassie sees it.

Next, there’s a knock at the Walker ranch and Liam answers the door. It’s Tessa Graves, and she gives them a warrant to search the property. Tessa tells Liam she has questions for him, too. Tessa sees the board of information that Cordell was using to investigate Grey Flag, as well as C-4.

The FBI takes the information and sets up at the Ranger station, as Trey looks on. Tessa tells Larry the C-4 found in the Walker house is the same one that Grey Flag used at the safe house.

Larry mentions that Julia’s article that she was writing where she thought Cordell was in on Grey Flag was handed over by her editor, and Tessa says it’s damning. Larry asks who Julia’s sources were, and he can bet it was Kevin.

Cordell on the Run

Cordell is at a gas station siphoning gas from a car. A woman asks if he’s okay after seeing blood on his shirt and scratches on his face. A truck pulls up, and Cassie finds Cordell. Cassie and Cordell are in the gas station as Cassie grabs a coffee. Cordell tells Cassie about the article that Kevin fed Julia information, and that then the safe house blew up.

Cordell says he went to his truck to radio for backup and heard his name on an APB. So, he knows that he was being looked for. Cordell says he asked her to meet him there and how that looks. Cassie asked what he did to Kevin for him to do all of this to him. Cassie buys burner phones and Cordell gets a hat, one that makes him look like his undercover alias, Duke.

Trey and the Aftermath

Larry talks to Trey as he’s working out, and Trey wonders what it was all for. Larry tries to explain that there were hundreds of people at the medal ceremony. Trey gets upset about the notebook and how he got Grey Flag one step ahead, and he might as well laid the C-4. Larry tells him there’s no one more equipt to hunt down Kevin than Trey.

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The Investigation

Cassie lets Larry know that she took care of finding Cordell. They get interrupted as Liam is in the station yelling at Tessa, while Bonham and Abeline walk in. Liam is adamantly telling her it’s Kevin, while all Tessa wants to focus on is Cordell. Abeline then goes off, asking what her fascination is with her son. Larry tells them to go home because they are close to being suspects. Abeline wants to talk about it, but Larry yells at her that they can’t.

Cassie and Trey look into everything, and Trey said he remembers Kevin talking about big money and corporate interest. He said Danny Dawson was a name he checked out, and among his properties was an airstrip that was south and Trey thinks Kevin is going there.

Cassie and Trey leave the station and Cassie says she’s going to call Cordell to get him up to date on the airstrip. Trey and Cassie hash it out, and Cassie tells him that she’s mad he didn’t listen to her about Kevin. Cassie said she was fearful of Kevin and that she wasn’t crazy and now people are dead; Trey said Kevin played all of them. Cassie says she looks at Trey and it hurts her, and Trey said no one blames himself more than he does.

A Familiar Face

Cordell drives to a house and Geri is there. Cordell apologizes for being there and for putting her in that position, but for her to contact his family somehow and try to secretly get the message across that he’s alright. Geri tries to get him inside but he won’t, however, he passes out as he tries to go back to the car.

He wakes up later in a bed as Geri is tending to him. Geri asks if running is the only way to clear his name, and Cordell talks about his time in the Marines and gives her a rundown of everything going on. She gives Cordell a stack of clothes to wear.

At the Walker ranch, a phone rings as Stella goes to answer it. It’s Geri, and she gives a message to Stella to give to Bonham about Cordell and where to find them.

As Cordell is at Geri’s, Kevin’s father appears on television and appeals to him to surrender. Cordell is confused and looks at the television weirdly. Cordell tells Geri to come back to Austin, and she says to take her own advice.

Cordell hears a noise outside, and at the door is Bonham. Bonham says he had no choice but to come and he didn’t leave a trail. Bonham says that the family doesn’t want his protection if it comes with his absence.

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Kevin on the Move

Kevin arrives at the airstrip on a motorcycle to see Danny Dawson. Danny talks about what Kevin did, and Danny says he vouched for him. Kevin says he needs the plane. Danny asks what Cordell did to him, and Kevin says that’s not his concern. Kevin kills Danny so he can take the plane.

Cordell and Bonham arrive at the airstrip with guns and see it’s guarded. Bonham and Cordell ensue in an epic shootout scene with the guards, and they take them out. Cordell moves forward to find Kevin, while Bonham stays back to keep watch.

Cordell tells Kevin it’s over and Kevin tells him he’s a fugitive just like him. He tells Kevin there’s a long line of people ready to take him down. Kevin says he’s going to suffer the same fate that they all gave to Coop; Cordell says he didn’t abandon him. They all went back for him, for Kevin’s brother.

It’s revealed that Kevin is Coop’s brother. Kevin says he was coming home and there’s nothing to explain. Kevin says Cordell was getting awarded for his work in the Marines but not saving Coop, and that he didn’t even come to his family table to give his condolences.

As Bonham is cornered, he hears two shots go off to kill men near him.

Kevin says no apologies will bring his brother back, and in walks Coop who says they don’t have to. Coop tells Kevin to put the gun down and Coop says they didn’t leave him for dead. Kevin gets visibly upset, saying that Coop said he was going to come home, and Coop realizes that he failed him. Coop says he thought Kevin would be better off without him, and that he’s sorry. Kevin waits for a minute and then tries to shoot Cordell, when Coop jumps in front of him and takes a bullet. Bonham arrives and Kevin fires a shot at him but misses.

Kevin starts to take off on the airplane, and Cordell gets on the motorcycle and chases after Kevin. Cassie and Trey arrive, and see Cordell chasing after Kevin. Cordell shoots into the window of the airplane at Kevin, which slowed down.

The door to the plane opens and Kevin points his gun at Cordell. Cordell has run out of ammo, but before Kevin can shoot Cordell, Cassie shoots her gun out of the car window, striking Kevin, and killing him.

Cordell is handcuffed as they investigate and Tessa and Larry talk to Coop. Tessa says she owes Cordell, and Larry says they all owe him an apology. Tessa says that Coop cleared his name and that the FBI will be giving a joint press conference to set the record straight. Larry says he thinks he owes Abeline a conversation after this.

Cassie is standing over Kevin’s body bag when Trey comes to talk to her. Trey says he has an overdue apology for her, and Cassie says she realizes why it hurts so much when she looks at him; they’re supposed to have each other’s backs and she feels like he broke that with Kevin. Trey says he should have listened to her. Trey says he guess this is what it all for, they won. Cassie says sadly, they sure did.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW. You can watch the episode the next day on The CW App.

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