‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “In Cold Blood”

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In this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, Clark keeps having a recurring nightmare, the Super trio of Jordan, Jon, and Natalie are on another adventure, and everyone cracks down on Lois. Keep reading for everything that happens in “In Cold Blood.”

Clark’s Recurring Dreams

Clark keeps waking up in the middle of the night after experiencing the same nightmare over and over. Lois is calling for him, and he’s on the other side of Metropolis. The city is caving in, and The Daily Planet is about to crumble. The globe breaks off and starts to fall straight down toward her. The first time, he catches her and gets her out of harm’s way in time. The second time? He’s not so lucky.

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Jon’s Stolen Truck

After Jon takes Candice home one night, her dad interrogates him about his truck. The next day when they’re at school, Jon finds out his truck is missing. He pulls Candice aside to ask her if it could be her dad, and she gets defensive and storms off. Natalie, Jon, and Jordan locate the truck inside a repair shop of sorts. They devise a plan that has Natalie using a smoke bomb to conceal their identities while Jon and Jordan take out all the men to get to the truck. Jon drives it out of the building with Jordan and Natalie in tow. That night, Candice comes over with the missing watch that belonged to Natalie. She found it in her dad’s things and saw his name engraved on the back. She apologizes for how she reacted, but that’s her dad, so of course, she would have stuck up for him.

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Lois Misses Her First Chemo Treatment

Lois’ chemo treatments are scheduled, and she’s set to get her first one when a break in the Bruno Mannheim case sends her to the Danner Medical facilities with Chrissy. The first is wiped empty, save for a few drops of blood on a curtain which Lois tests with a forensic kit from Sam. Clark is furious Lois missed her appointment and texts Chrissy to ask her if she knows where Lois is. Lois ends up texting him back and rescheduling her appointment; she got too wrapped up in the case.

On the rescheduled date, Clark goes with her this time. While waiting at the Cancer Center, he’s alerted of a mudslide in Nepal and debates going. Lois can see something is wrong and asks him what it is; he tries to brush it off but eventually tells her, and she sends him off to go handle it; she’ll be fine on her own. With Clark gone, Lois is left alone to sit in her thoughts. Chrissy texts her wishing her luck at her appointment, and Lois uses it as an opportunity to ask her if she has heard anything about the other locations. Chrissy lies and tells her no, so Lois heads there herself, once again missing her appointment.

Finally, after some scolding from just about everyone, Lois goes to get treated. She knows she’s sick but doesn’t want to make it her entire identity. On the day of her treatment, John Henry, Natalie, Jon, and Jordan present her with the watch that belonged to Natalie’s mom. Lois gets choked up and thanks them before heading to the truck with Clark.

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A Break In The Case

Bruno is very good at hiding his tracks and the people that are in his circle. Through Lois and Chrissy’s discovery about Danner Medical, they find out a doctor Lois suspected of working with him and Intergang, Aleister Hook, as well as James DeStefano, a tech genius turned elite killer that is Bruno’s right-hand man. When they go inside the second Danner Medical building that Chrissy followed a group of men to, they end up getting trapped inside a freezer full of blood.

Lois tries to call for Superman, but the room is insulated. Eventually, the men make their way to that back room, and Lois surrenders herself. As they are about to shoot her, Chrissy pops out and presses the button to call Superman as Lois screams for him to come. It catches the men off-guard momentarily and gives them enough time to get to safety once he gets there. However, they use a kryptonite weapon that is weakening him beyond belief. John Henry gets to the scene just in time to save him. Unfortunately, they will not get any intel from the building, as the guy presses a button that sets the whole place on fire in an explosion.

Lana Lashes Out

After Kyle pays a visit to Lana’s office to ask her about her new tech installed by John Henry, Lana gets angry with him and tells him it’s none of his business who installed it for her before sending him on his merry way. When she gets home, she immediately confronts Sarah and asks her if she told her dad about John Henry and her. Sarah tells her no and asks if they need a list of things she can and can’t say to her dad.

They get into a bit of a heated argument where Sarah calls her mom selfish and blurts out that’s probably why Kyle cheated on her. Lana smacks Sarah across the face leaving them both in shock, and Sarah goes to her room. Lana tries to apologize through the door, but Sarah has already left and made her way to the diner. Kyle is with Chrissy, and they were just about to leave to go back to her place when he and Sarah spot each other. He promises they’ll do it another time and pulls Sarah in for a hug while she sobs.

The Results Are In

Sam ran the blood sample Lois handed over, and the results came back that it’s Clark’s blood. So does all the blood they uncovered in the warehouse somehow belong to him? Since Henry isn’t responding well, they’re going to find someone else that can be pushed further.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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