‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “Track 10: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”

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The finale of Daisy Jones & The Six has arrived. The band is in complete disarray but are they beyond repair? Keep reading “Track 10: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” to find out.

How Did We Get Here, How Do We Get Out?

On the elevator up to their room, Graham can see that Karen is upset. He says they should probably go see a doctor and Karen finally decides to tell him. She lets him know she took care of it and he’s confused but realizes what she had done. He opens the elevator on the next floor and hops out, leaving her there. Later, he tells her he could have done with her and held her hand but she doesn’t think that would have helped. She tried to tell him from the beginning it isn’t what she wanted. Not now, not ever. She goes to leave and he says she’s going to be alone forever. Karen is visibly heartbroken and walks away.

During the show, before the encore, they have a moment to themselves. Graham says they can travel the world and play music for however long she wants, and he’ll be there. But Karen knows he wants more out of life and decides to let him go.

Eddie’s End

Eddie faces Billy to tell him after Chicago he’s leaving the band. He sacrificed a lot for the band just for Billy to go re-record his parts on the record. But the Pittsburgh incident? That was Eddie’s last straw. That’s his one moment on stage and Billy stole it from him. Billy throws a few digs at him letting him know he thinks Eddie likes feeling slighted, if he didn’t he would have to deliver and he can’t, he’s just not good enough. Eddie says “if only he knew” and Billy questions him about what that means, Eddie tells him to use his imagination. Billy punches him in the eye and Eddie pushes him down and storms out of the room. When they do band shout-outs at the end of the show, to the crowd it seems like Billy means the pleasant words he’s putting out. But when he walks up to Eddie, Eddie tells him he loves him but Billy whispers “go f-ck yourself, you’re done.”

Two Ladies Who Brunch

Daisy and Simone are having lunch and Daisy asks about Attic Records. Simone tells her she turned down their offer. She wanted it but she didn’t understand why her first album flopped. She’s always known her voice and she was just afraid to use it but in New York she stopped being afraid, and that’s what the label was saying no to, her family and heart. Daisy gets choked up and says she doesn’t think she can do this with Billy anymore. Simone says if it hurts this much, maybe she shouldn’t.

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Camila Confronts Daisy

Daisy is playing piano when Camila walks in. Daisy tells her Billy isn’t lying about what’s going on between them. Camila asks what it’s like then but Daisy repeats what Billy has said a million times, she’s the mother of his daughter and his first love. Camila bites back, asking if he’s with her out of some obligation. Daisy cuts in telling her that Camila knows he loves her, he’s hers and he always will be. He will choose her every time. Daisy … just has to live with it. She says they’re both alike, two lost souls fumbling through the dark but they deserve each other.


The band is moments from imploding. Onstage, Karen and Graham can’t look at each other, Eddie is dawning a shiner, Warren just wants to play music and Billy and Daisy are doing what they do best. When the band gets off the stage before their encore, Billy and Daisy are seen making out. Daisy pulls away from him and Billy goes to take a bump. She tries to stop him telling him this isn’t who he is, but he thinks Camila is leaving him so they don’t have to walk on eggshells anymore. They can be “broken” together. But Daisy doesn’t want to be broken. They get back onstage to sing “Look At Us Now” for the encore and Billy is bawling his eyes out. As Daisy sings the opening notes, she mouths for him to go and he sprints off the stage and to the hotel to catch Camila before she leaves.

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Billy and Camila

At the beginning of the episode, Camila confronts Billy about what she saw back in Pittsburgh. She doesn’t want him to lie, they both have things left unsaid. Billy is confused by what she means but is adamant that nothing happened between him and Daisy. He eventually admits to the brief kiss and says it meant nothing so Camila wants him to admit he doesn’t love her. This time, Billy stands there frozen and doesn’t say a word. Daisy is standing in the hallway and asks what happened, he tells her he told her the truth. Nothing happened and nothing ever will. He chases after Camila He can’t find her and eventually stumbles into a bar to leave a message for her on the hotel room phone. If there’s any part of her that still wants this, he asks her to come to the show. He then calls Teddy but realizes he doesn’t want to burden him with extra stress, so he tells him he loves him and hangs up. A fan spots him and gets a few drinks for them and Billy accepts it.

At the venue, Billy runs into Rod and asks him if Camila is there, which she isn’t. He hides in the bathroom and takes a swig from his flask. Before the show, Billy, clearly inebriated, walks up to Daisy and kisses her. She can tell he’s been drinking again.

Once she tells Billy to go after Camila, he catches her in the lobby and they head back up to talk. Julia interrupts and they put her back to bed. They talk it out, Camila wondering why Daisy can love him better than she does. But she doesn’t. Daisy just sees all of him for who he is. He won’t let Camila see the dark parts. Billy promises he will work for their relationship and earn her back.

Look At Us Now

20 years later, Karen is still making music as she dreamed, Graham settled down and had kids, and Daisy and Billy both got sober and lived spectacular lives, with Daisy having a daughter of her own and making music. Warren married Lisa and became a session drummer, featured on all the greats. Simone and Bernie opened up a club called Haven together and she even performs there sometimes. And Eddie, well, he formed his own band and continued making music. As he describes it, his life is “fine.” Rod quit the music industry after the band split because he couldn’t go through the heartbreak again and Teddy ended up passing away in 1983 over a soundboard. He died doing what he loved like he said he would.

Julia, now revealed as the one behind the camera, gives Daisy and Billy a special message from Camila. She tells Julia to tell Billy that once he’s ready, to give Daisy Jones a call. So he does, the episode ending on her doorstep.

All 10 Daisy Jones & The Six episodes are now streaming on Prime Video.

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