‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Penultimate Episode “Track 9: Feels Like The First Time”

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In the penultimate episode of Daisy Jones & The Six, emotions are running high. Simone makes a decision that will impact her relationship and career, Billy and Daisy talk about how they’re feeling, Teddy has a health scare, and that storyline between Karen and Graham begins unfolding. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Track 9: Feels Like The First Time.”

You know, Rod, don’t overthink it. I’m the fire.

Daisy Jones

Teddy’s Health Scare

Teddy visits the band in New York City because they’re playing Saturday Night Live. During their performance, it’s clear something is wrong with him, and after they finish, he’s rushed to the hospital. The entire band waits in the hospital for news on if he’s okay, which, thankfully, he is. He had a full blockage on his heart, so if he gets another, he won’t survive. Billy and Daisy are in the church (??) having a heart-to-heart when Rod interrupts to tell him they’re able to visit one at a time. Daisy sends Billy in first. Billy tells him to take it easy, but Teddy’s philosophy is that if he dies doing what he loves, he’ll die on top of the world.

Simone and Daisy Make Up

Simone rushes into the hospital once she’s heard about Teddy. Daisy pulls her aside, and they talk about what happened in Greece. Daisy apologizes for what she said, but Simone cuts her off and pulls her into a hug.

Bye Bye, Nicky

When Daisy wakes, she’s in her hotel room with Nicky. She asks him what happened, and he tells her she had a little too much fun. She looks down at her arm while Nicky is ordering breakfast and rushes down the hallway to Billy’s room with Nicky chasing after her. She asks Billy what happened, and all she remembers is him being there. He tells her Rod called a doctor who came to pump the drugs out of her system, and they left; he didn’t think she’d want him there when she woke up. She asks him where Nicky was during all of this, and he obviously tells her what happened. She busts out of the room and tells Nicky to pack his bags. He refuses, and it only angers Daisy more. She picks up a statue in the hallway and throws it at him, and when he still refuses, she pushes him, but he grabs her, attempting to fight her back. Warren, Eddie, and Graham push him off of her and tell him to get out. Before he leaves, he tells Daisy she’ll regret it. The boys try to comfort Daisy, but she pushes them off. Karen pulls her into a hug instead, and she sobs.

Simone’s Record Deal Comes At A Cost

Simone is on top of the world and getting everything she’s ever wanted. She’s worked hard for it. Now the biggest obstacle in the way is her relationship with Bernie. The same woman that helped her succeed in the Disco scene has to be sidelined if Simone wants a career. The label thinks it’s best if she remains closeted, which of course, Bernie has been vocal about not wanting to do. When Simone returns home, she finds her suitcase next to the door with Bernie waiting on the couch. She takes her suitcase and leaves without saying a word.

Warren, Meet Lisa

After the band performs on SNL, Warren introduces himself to Lisa Crowne, a big movie star. He tells her most men would be intimidated by genuinely funny women, but not him. She tells him that her biggest turn-on is drummers in rock bands. Warren laughs at first, thinking she’s joking, until he realizes she’s serious. They start seeing each other more, and she even accompanies him at the Pittsburgh show. They all really like Lisa, and Warren claims he’s going to marry her.

Karen’s Pregnancy

On the tour, Karen has a suspicion she’s pregnant. When she tells Graham, he’s over the moon. But wanting kids is not something Karen is looking for. Graham thinks they’d be able to make it work; they could get another keyboardist. Karen is insulted. If Graham doesn’t plan on leaving the band, neither is he. When the band arrives back in Pittsburgh for their homecoming, Camila can see something is wrong with Karen and realizes she’s pregnant. They embrace, and, after the show, Camila takes Karen to get an abortion.

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Billy and Daisy Speak Their Feelings

While still in Pittsburgh, Billy and Daisy are spending a lot of time together. Daisy says she had a vision of them in twenty years doing the same thing. Billy thinks they’ll be together in 20 years (playing music, of course.) Daisy blurts out that they should be together and quickly regrets it. She goes to get up and pack her things, but Billy stops her. He wants to be with her, too, but Camila is his wife, and he isn’t going to leave her. They press their heads up against each other as the door slams shut, separating them. Camila had seen it all.

Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Next Stop, Chicago, Illinois

When they board the plane, it’s clear the band is on the verge of imploding. Eddie can hardly keep it bottled in, Karen has yet to talk to Graham, Camila and Billy seriously need to have a talk, Daisy is heartbroken, and Warren … well, Warren seems to be the only one happy with life at the moment.

All ten episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video.

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