‘Walker’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 14 “False Flag Part One”

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Walker returns tonight with the first of a two-part episode, “False Flag Part One”. After the reveal of Jake Abel’s character Kevin Golden as the leader of the anarchist group Grey Flag, Cordell, Cassie, Trey, and the team get ready for what’s next.

The episode was written by David James and directed by Richard Speight, Jr.

Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s Walker.

Cordell’s Vision

Cordell wakes up after the fight with Coop from the last episode to a vision of Emily. Cordell talks about finding out how he found out Coop wasn’t the same man, calling him a deserter. Emily tells him a story of Augie trying to blow up Stella’s dolls, which gives Cordell the idea to take a bullet from his and find a way to blow up his handcuff to get it off.

Trey’s Meeting with Kevin

Kevin has a meeting with Trey and they talk about Grey Flag and the plans for the future. Trey sees Kevin use a phone and slides it back in his desk. He asks Kevin questions about poisoning himself at the fundraiser, and that they have a big plan coming up soon.

Trey looks for his book of notes he dropped in the woods but gets stopped when he’s told they’re shipping out in an hour for the mission.

They load the van with a bag of C-4, and a man, Jones, tells them about going to the medal ceremony. Trey makes an excuse to excuse himself, and he goes back into Kevin’s office to find the phone he used. He texts a warning about the medal ceremony before deleting the text and coming back out to the van.

Cordell’s Rescue

Larry, Cassie, and the FBI talk about finding out Kevin was the lead. The FBI wants to slow down and not take action yet, but Cassie and Larry do not agree. Larry tells Cassie to go try to find Cordell.

Cordell finally gets free, just in time for Cassie to arrive, who tracked the ping on his phone from the last known area. Cassie tells Cordell that the leader of Grey Flag isn’t Coop, but that it’s Kevin. Cordell rattles off a list of questions that Cassie has no answer for. Cassie asks about asking Julia, but Cordell says he hasn’t been able to get ahold of her. Cordell asks to go see his kids first before they do anything.

Walker Ranch

Cordell and Cassie arrive at the ranch to see Stella, Augie, Liam, and Ben… and Kevin there also helping the family (finding donors for the rescue, helping out around the ranch, etc.) Cassie leaves the room to call Larry about the case. Cordell is visibly shaken, but trying to hide it since they can’t let Kevin know they’re onto him. Cassie comes back into the room and tries to hide any weirdness as well. Cordell asks Kevin to go outside to talk about the schedule for the ceremony.

Kevin and Cordell talk about Augie giving the speech and pinning the medal on Cordell. Cordell tells Kevin he doesn’t like making a fuss over the medals and tells Kevin about Cooper and how he was killed. Kevin also said that Julia refused her medal and she wasn’t able to make it. As they’re done leaving, Kevin says he couldn’t wait to see Augie on the stage giving the speech, which Cordell takes as a threat.

Liam notices something is wrong, as do Stella and Augie. Cordell tells them that something is wrong but he can’t tell them; he needs Liam’s help with no questions asked. Cordell tells Liam to get Bonham and Abeline back as soon as possible, for no one to attend the medal ceremony under any circumstances, and to borrow Liam’s phone.

Stella goes to talk to Augie who is upset he can’t give the speech at the ceremony. He says that he’s doing better and his speech was to show he isn’t a jerk. Stella read it and tells him it was beautiful and she was proud of him.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Medal Ceremony

The FBI and Rangers hold a meeting about the medal ceremony and the warning from Trey. They have the team sweep the ceremony, as well as telling the Mayor to not go to the ceremony and go to the safe house instead.

Larry and Cassie look around the ceremony for anything suspicious. The camera pans to another man at the ceremony; Coop.

Kevin arrives as Cassie and Larry are talking, and asks if the Walkers have arrived. Larry says they’re running late, and Kevin says the mayor is too and said he’ll see if they can push it by 10 minutes or so. Cassie tells Larry that Kevin doesn’t seem worried.

Trey, Jones, and the other Grey Flag men arrive in a van at the parking garage of the ceremony. Two officers come near the van and Trey tells the other men that he’ll take care of it. Trey leaves the van and tries to talk to them, saying it’s all clear. Trey gives them a secret message to radio to Larry. The two officers radio Larry, who gets the message, and says to hold Trey there and they’re on their way.

The men see Trey has a gun and tell him to get on the ground. The men from Grey Flag exit the van (Jones runs away) and shoots one of the officers while the other takes cover. Cassie and Larry rush down to the garage, while the people at the ceremony hear the shots and flee. Coop is unable to get to Kevin.

Larry and Cassie come up with a plan to help the officer down, and when one of them goes to try to take a shot at Larry, Trey fights him and grabs his gun, shooting the other man. Larry tells the FBI director and the mayor, who are at the safe house, that they’re putting out an APB for Kevin, as well as an update on the scene.

Julia and Cordell

Julia calls Cordell and asks to meet. Cordell gives an address — the safe house address — and she says she’ll tell her editor she’s meeting with him.

Julia says she’s been put on a story, and she asks Cordell point blank if he’s working with Grey Flag. She says her sources show her donations to the Walker Rescue, that he got to the Grey Flag chemist before law enforcement, and his unit was murdered after the last of which was shown to Cordell. Cordell tries to tell her that Kevin is the leader and he’s framing him. Cordell says he’s telling the truth and he always has. Cordell tells Julia that there’s some connection between Coop and Kevin, but couldn’t figure it out yet.

An FBI agent interrupts, saying she wanted Cordell to know they stopped the attack at the ceremony.

An Explosive Ending

Trey calls over Larry and Cassie to the van, where they opened the bag with the C-4. The bag has bullet holes, which should have exploded if it were actual C-4. Trey opens the bag and sees Trey’s notes that say “TRAITOR” in red writing on it. Cassie says she knew she was right and that Kevin wasn’t worried.

Kevin comes out a back door to an awaiting car, where Jones is, and he tells Kevin that Trey never checked the bag and to put in a call to APD.

Cassie calls Cordell as he and Julia are standing outside the house. Cassie tells him that the ceremony was a distraction and that Kevin knows everything and that Trey was undercover. Cassie says the C-4 isn’t there, but zones out as he looks at the house and the mayor’s car. Cordell yells at Julia to get down but it’s too late; the safe house explodes, with the FBI and mayor all in it and Julia in front of it.

At the house, Cordell hears Emily’s voice and he wakes up, bloodied. He crawls over to Julia who is lying on the ground. He checks her pulse but finds that she’s dead.

The second part, “False Flag Part Two”, will air next Thursday, March 30 on The CW. You can stream the episode the next day on The CW app for free.

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