‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 “She’s Gone”


In the seventh episode of Daisy Jones & The Six, Daisy is in Greece with her new beau Nicky and Simone and Bernice pay her a visit. Keep reading for everything that happens in “She’s Gone.”


Simone has been staying in New York City with Bernice who has helped bolster her Disco career. Their relationship is going great, but Bernice doesn’t want to have to hide it anymore. She’s gotten her gigs across the city and Simone now has the opportunity to meet with a few executives to get her record pressed. Also, Daisy is calling from Greece saying she needs her. She knows she’s Daisy’s only friend so she packs her bag and Bernice heads off with her.

Hydra, Greece

Simone and Bernie arrive in Hydra and they run into Daisy on their way to look for her villa. Simone tells her she brought her some bail money because she thought she was in trouble, but Daisy invited her because she’s getting married. At first Simone likes Nicky, until she learns Daisy hasn’t told him the truth about her career. She is adamant that Daisy needs to return to LA, she has a number one single and a planned world tour. Daisy doesn’t care about any of that though — she wants to embrace her new life in Greece. Simone and Nicky then start to butt heads because they both want different for Daisy. Though Simone agrees to accept Daisy’s happiness and be in her wedding, she’s not at all happy about it.

Nicky’s Sabotage

Because of his rocky relationship with Simone, Nicky uses it as a way to pit her and Daisy against one another to keep Daisy in Greece. He tells her Simone isn’t happy because she’s actually in love with Daisy, but he’s not taking it personally. As Simone is on her way to leave, Daisy flags her over to talk. She doesn’t understand why Simone isn’t “fun” anymore and tries to get her to spend another week in Greece to explore more. But Simone has a life back in New York — shows, bills to pay — she can’t stay. They argue a bit and Daisy asks her if she’s in love with her and Simone looks taken aback. She grabs her stuff and leaves to head to the boat. Daisy follows after her and apologizes but Simone says that she does love Daisy and that means she’s going to tell her the truth, no matter how much she doesn’t want to hear it. She calls her a selfish bitch and gets on the boat.

Guess Who’s Back?

After some contemplation, Daisy finally realizes that she can’t run from her life back home. Nicky finds the Rolling Stone spread and says he didn’t realize she was that famous. She rips up the spread and Nicky asks her if her need to connect is true. Maybe Simone is right, maybe she should go back. Daisy wants to go back but she doesn’t want to get hurt again. But it won’t be the same, Nicky is there to protect her now (major eye-roll.) They pack their things and head to L.A. and when they arrive, the radio in the taxi is playing “Regret Me.”

The first eight episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six are available to stream on Prime Video.

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