‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 3, Premiere “Closer”


Less than a month after the defeat of Ally Allston, Clark and Lois are back working at the Gazette when they receive life-changing news. Kyle finds himself in an interesting situation mid-divorce, and Bruno Mannheim stirs up trouble in Metropolis. Keep reading for everything that happens in the season 3 premiere “Closer.”

27 Days Later

It’s been less than a month since Ally Allston’s defeat. Jordan’s been practicing his flying and Jon his driving, Clark and Lois are back working together, and Lana is fully embracing her role as mayor. Meanwhile, Sarah is trying to adjust to life post-Jordan breakup while her parents finalize their divorce. We see Clark and Lois in bed together at Tal’s villa, something they’ve been doing a lot more of lately. Lois is sniffing out the potential connection between the John Henry of their Earth and Bruno Mannheim.

Lois’ Bombshell News

Colin Bentley/The CW

Though Clark and Lois have two twin boys, that was because of the effects of Crisis on Infinite Earths and not because a Kryptonian and a human can make a baby. Well … can they? After Lois speaks to John Henry’s sister about her brother’s murder, she slips in that Lois could be pregnant and wants to run a blood test. Lois, of course, takes this news to Clark, and they both seem relatively hesitant. They have two teens on the cusp of being 16 — can they really handle a baby?

Nonetheless, like the gold-star husband he is, Clark purchases a few pregnancy tests and runs into John Henry. They share a few laughs, and he asks how the two of them are feeling, where he admits he’s got reservations. Lois is in full baby mode after having drinks with Lana. She presents the idea of more children to Clark, and he can see her excitement and joy, and he mirrors it.

Jordan and Jon’s 16th Birthday

Shane Harvey/The CW

The vibes are a bit strange at the twins’ 16th birthday, but at least it won’t stop Chrissy from partying (like it’s 1999). Jon, Jordan, and basically all of Smallville watch a slideshow of their greatest hits throughout the years, and Jordan can’t help but sneak glances at Sarah. She eventually approaches him, asking if he’s ignoring her. He wants to be with her, but she doesn’t want to be with him, so he’s trying to save the awkward tension. But Sarah doesn’t want that to hinder their friendship. She’s still the only person that knows his secret, and she cares about him as a friend. She just needs space and time. Speaking of space, Jon is desperate for his own “thing.” With football no longer being an option, he turns to driving, determined to pass his test. He gets a bit of anxiety from Lois giving him helpful tips but ends up passing the test anyway! Tal’s gift is getting put to use after all.

Chrissy and Kyle Sitting in a Tree?

Chrissy barricades herself inside the Kent home out of embarrassment, but Kyle soon joins her, on the hunt for something to help fix Clark’s ribs. They get to talking and share a tender moment between them, which leads to them waking up in a bed next to each other and Chrissy trying her best to sneak out undetected. Kyle wakes up as she furiously puts on her clothes and runs down the whole morning after spiel (“this can’t happen again,” “you’re great but …” that sort of thing), and he seems fine with it. A knock on the door interrupts them, and Kyle finds Lana on the other side with the signed divorce papers.

The CW

The Results Are In

Lois gets a call from the doctor with the results of her tests. It turns out she’s not pregnant, but the signs are a cause for concern, so she wants her to come in so she can run a few more to determine the root cause.

Get to Know Ya

Sam takes Natalie to see a horror movie in an effort to get to know her better. He may not be her grandpa on this Earth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hang out. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the theater, Natalie quickly realizes this is more than just hanging out. He brings up sending her to school in Metropolis and working in the DoD Academy. Her talent is wasted in a place like Smallville. Natalie is hurt by this because she wasn’t expecting an ulterior motive. So when she returns home angry, and John asks her what’s wrong, it sends him into dad mode. He confronts Sam, Natalie’s death, with enough loss and grief in her life. She just wants people she can call friends and family. Sam realizes the error of his ways and apologizes, which Natalie accepts over a slice of cake.

Shane Harvey/The CW

Lana’s Scuffle with Dean

After finding mold in the walls of the high school, Lana must decide how she’s going to allocate the funds to fix it. She moves some money around, which angers Dean, who confronts her. He tells her she doesn’t know what she’s up against and that she can’t mess with things she has no idea about. Hmm … working with Intergang/Bruno, perhaps? But no worries, Lana’s not scared, and she’s certainly not going to back down.

Enter Bruno

Clark finds himself in a showdown with Atom Man (Henry Miller) (yeah, the one in prison), who apparently got out on sympathy because he had a brain tumor with weeks to live. He’d been out three months before confronting Superman in Metropolis. As Superman’s trying to get him help, he gets shot down, but it’s not with bullets. It’s tech. Oh, and he’s also in the Suicide Slum (a neighborhood in Metropolis that has acted as the stomping ground to various DC superheroes). As Superman uses his hearing to listen in around the city, it’s the perfect time for Bruno’s henchman to make the escape with Miller’s body. He’s taken back to wherever Bruno is hiding out and is injected and brought back to stable conditions.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. Stay tuned for our coverage of season 3!

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