‘The Winchesters’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 13 “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”

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The highly anticipated season finale of The Winchesters has finally arrived and it couldn’t have lived up to the hype any better. With several suprise guests and a satisfying ending, let’s just right in to cover everything that went down in “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.”

A Mysterious Visitor

Fresh from the war, John in uniform isn’t sure where to head after his friend’s funeral. He looks over the list of destinations at the bus station when a mysterious stranger, aka Dean Winchester, hands him the letter from Henry. When John looks up, Dean is gone. With that, John heads to the ticket station to purchase a single ticket to Lawrence. On the second level, both Dean and Bobby look down on John. Bobby reminds Dean they aren’t supposed to meddle but he insists he’s only nudging John. Dean tells him this is, “one last hunt,” and Bobby will be bringing in the cavalry though he doesn’t know how yet.

We Meet the Queen

A new character named Joan Hopkins meets with Samuel, John, and Mary to let them know that the mysterious man won’t be an issue anymore. She was able to open a portal and throw Dean and his car into the portal where his soul will be shredded for centuries. She reveals only a journal is left of the man, and they realize she is the queen of the Akrida. She tells them she’s not Akrida, she was human once. John asks her to skip the monologue and get to the fighting. She reveals she wants them to work together and also that this is a ploy to get them out of the clubhouse so she can get in. Hopkins’ proposition is to join her or die. With that she and the bar full of her companions vanish.

The Gang Hatches a Plan

Eliot Brasseaux/The CW

Staring at a photo of Dean, Carlos tells comments “Whoever that is, he’s ruggedly handsome,” as they contemplate how to find the mystery man. If they can’t find Dean then the crystal is their only shot and Ada lets Carlos and Lata in on the final ingredient, a fragment of her soul. They agree not to use the crystal until the final moments if it’s utterly necessary. Ada and Carlos head out to find the queen while Lata stays behind to dig into the lore on anything that can keep her soul from fading if she is forced to use the crystal.

Lata Faces Down the Queen

Samuel goes to look for the portal while Mary and John dig through family history in search of information on Hopkins. Carlos and Ada arrive to let them know the queen is gone, but they realize she’s in the clubhouse with Lata.

Mary finds a record that says Hopkins wanted out of hunting so she turned on her own kind. Meanwhile, Hopkins monologues to Lata about joining the monsters. She decided mankind was the problem. She views humans as nothing more than food now that she’s filled with monster essence. The book Mary reads states that the hunters and Men of Letters teamed up to banish her from their world. Lata breaks her pacifism streak and stabs her, but Hopkins grabs Lata and burns away her tattoo. With Lata possessed but fighting, the queen burns off the spell in the clubhouse preventing her from opening the original portal.

Carlos theorizes that they could use Dean’s journal to reverse the spell using the Ostium and bring Dean back to their world to help them defeat the Akrida. With that, the gang sets off to the clubhouse to find a way to do that and the rescue Lata.

Possessed Lata invites John, Mary, and Ada to join them once again. She reveals that the Akrida were created by an angry god designed to wipe out life but when Hopkins arrived she gave them purpose and meaning. With her message delivered, she places a knife to her (Lata’s) neck. With no other choice, Ada uses the crystal to free Lata of the Akrida inside her. Ada only asks her to “find the other way” to help her.

A New Plan is Formed

Eliot Brasseaux/The CW

Back at the garage, the gang decides to feed the Ostium the journal so they can reverse it and bring in Dean. However, it can only be done at midnight. While they wait, Mary plans to distract the queen to buy them time.

John asks Mary to stay behind considering she’s the best hunter they have and whoever faces Hopkins isn’t going to come back. He wants to go rather than her, “For the first time I’m running towards hope. If we do this, if we win and we save the world. Then you’re free.” They kiss before John sets off to find Hopkins and buy them time so they can summon Dean.

Facing Down the Akrida

John, Samuel, and Carlos find Hopkins who is ready to open the portal and let in more of the Akrida. All three men turn down her offer (and mental manipulations) before she forms a blade out of no where and her back up henchmen surround them. A fight ensues with swords on all fronts. John holds his own until the queen decides to use her powers against him. With everyone at sword point, she reveals that she’s the one who wiped out the Men of Letters including Henry Winchester.

A New Set of Wheels

Meanwhile, Lata, Millie, Ada, and Mary feed the Ostium the journal. It works, kind of. Dean is no where to be seen and presumed dead, but Baby makes it through and everyone piles in to head to the fight and kill the queen. Just as the queen reveals the truth to John, the girls roll up in Baby for the final showdown. Mary kicks everyone out and slams on the gas, barreling headfirst toward the queen and slams into her just as she opens the portal taking Mary and the car with her. With the queen gone, the queen’s henchmen run away. However, all hope isn’t lost! Baby comes barreling back through the portal, Dean in the driver’s seat and and Mary riding shotgun. Dean gently helps her from the car and watches as she hugs Samuel.

The Mystery Man is Revealed

Eliot Brasseaux/The CW

John asks how they are alive and Dean tells them the car kept them both safe. Dean was already dead and trapped between worlds. Dean only tells them he’s a hunter and he’s not from this earth. He died and made it to heaven and Baby was waiting for him so he took a drive and a little detour through the multiverse. Dean answers,

“I was looking for my family. See, I come from a long line of hunters and I guess I was hoping that somewhere out there was an earth that had a version where my family had a shot at a happy ending.”

Dean caught wind of the Akrida while driving and realized it was one of Chuck’s last creations. Everyone listens intently. Dean realized Chuck left the Akrida behind in case he failed (which he did). Dean knows they will eventually reach the world he is from and he won’t let his family left there be killed by them. Now, with the Akrida gone they can choose their own destiny and write their own story. “And you can get back to yours,” says Jack who stands with Bobby next to him.

To the side, Dean, Jack, and Bobby have a talk and Jack isn’t happy that Dean decided to meddle. Dean refuses to let this world and the world where Sam is still alive to be killed. Jack being Jack, he gives Dean a pass this time. “If you’re going to meddle in things, finish what you started,” Jack tells him before handing him something. “After this, it’s time to get around to the ‘there’ll be peace when you are done’ part of the song.”

Dean gifts John the very journal he’s been using and asks him to keep a hunter’s journal just as his father did. John thanks him for the gift. He tells Mary he knows she’s thinking of quitting but asks her for one favor, to keep an eye out for a yellow-eyed demon and gives her the Colt for her to use if and when he appears. When Mary asks if he ever found the version he was looking for, Dean looks around before answering he thinks he did. They ask for his name and he slyly replies “James Hetfield” before vanishing with Jack, Bobby, and Baby.

With that, the gang head home to the clubhouse where Ada works her magic with Lata and is able to restore the piece of Ada’s soul that she gave up. Meanwhile, Mary and Samuel hug before Samuel heads off on another hunt. Later, John asks what Mary saw in the portal and she says every version of herself. She wants to make her own though. Mary’s decided to leave and John promises Mary he’s going to find a way to face his anger be it therapy or meditation. He won’t let it stay in the driver’s seat. They promise no goodbye’s before hugging in front of the movie theater.

At the garage, a bell dings alerting them to a car out front. John heads out to find Mary waiting for him, where she says she doesn’t know where she’s going but she wants him to go with her. She can figure it out during the day and they can hunt at night. John and Mary literally ride off into the wild together, content to be with one another and find themselves. John digs for music but Mary tells him that Hetfield’s journal was very specific, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole. A lovely montage ensues of all their time together as they drive into the future while “Ramble On” plays.

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