‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 17 “The Enemy Within”

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After a long battle, the potentially final showdown with Elijah Stone is happening. Plus, Tim and Lucy lose a “Make-a-Dream” kid, and Celina learns some hard news about her sister’s case.

The End of Elijah Stone?

Elijah’s men kidnap Monica. They bring her out to the woods, where Elijah makes her justify why he should keep her alive instead of feeding her to the woodchipper. She convinces him to let her go and has him rough her up so she can get intel with the police.

She goes to the station after with a busted lip and tells them she wants to work against Elijah but doesn’t want it public. They hesitantly agree to work with her. It’s clear that she’s struggling with Elijah, but she also reveals later that she stole information from the police.

She lets the police know about a meet-up that Elijah is planning, and they show up to face off against him. He manages to sneak up on Nyla and chokes her until she passes out. As he goes to shoot her, Angela shows up and lands a shot on him, leaving him wounded but still standing. Elijah points out to her that it’ll look bad if she shoots him now and convinces her to fight him hand-to-hand. As they’re fighting, Nyla wakes up and jumps in, which allows them to easily take him down and arrest him.

Elijah gets sent to prison, where Oscar is his cell neighbor. While Monica, who was caught in the crossfire at the meet-up, is in the hospital, Nyla visits her and tells her that if she tries anything in the future, there’s a report about her stealing police documents, which will be turned into a warrant. It turns out the information that she stole was planted to begin with. She ends up sneaking off and stealing someone’s phone to warn Abril that the Feds are on to her after they retrieved Elijah’s phone when he was arrested.

Hidden Truths

After reading her sister’s case file, Celina realizes that her mom lied to her about what happened. Her mom admitted that she was at the store when Celina thought she was in the house the whole time.

Nolan gets Grey to let them look into the discrepancy. He tells Celina that she can listen in while he interrogates the witness, Edmund, that proved that her mom was at the store. Celina starts pushing for answers, though, and Nolan makes her leave. Edmund revealed to Nolan that after a car accident, Celina’s mom got addicted to opioids. She was actually out with Edmund, who got addicted too after he hurt his back at work, trying to score more drugs when Celina’s sister was taken.

He keeps it a secret from Celina at first, but after he gets Angela to look into it, Nolan tells Celina about what actually happened. She struggles to hear it at first. Later, they bring her mom in for questioning about it all.


After getting upset with Tim over a “Tim Test,” Lucy signs him to spend the day with a “Make-a-Dream” kid. The kid, Jordy, says he wants to be a police officer but doesn’t seem interested in being there. They turn their back for a moment, and he slips away. Tim and Lucy look high and low while discussing how this would be different with their own kids before Aaron shows up with Jordy. He asks Aaron about his childhood pet before Aaron leaves.

He disappears again immediately after. Tim and Lucy search around and find him at Smitty’s desk. He’s looking up how to delete tickets and confesses to them that his dad put him up to getting rid of his fines. Jordy explains that his dad promised him an e-bike if he did it.

Tim and Lucy get his dad into an interrogation room and talk to him about it. He tells them that if he doesn’t pay the fines, he’ll lose his car and license and can’t afford that. With some puppy eyes from Lucy, Tim ends up letting him free and gives him an opportunity to do something fun with Jordy.

At the end of the shift, Lucy comments on how nice it was of Tim to let them go. He says it’s because she softens him before they start joking around about their future kids again.

This episode was the first part of a crossover with The Rookie: Feds! Watch “Payback” to see what happens with Abril. The Rookie returns on Tuesday, March 21 at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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