‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “Retrieval”

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Last week, the squad was left stranded on a desert planet after a mining mission for Cid and having their ship stolen. The clones are now trying to survive while waiting for help. The recap of the episode is available here.

Warning: spoilers for “Retrieval” below!



The clones are still stranded on the mining planet. In the spaceport, they are trying to repair a skiff without much success. They hope to use it to reach the town in the other hemisphere of the planet. Omega decides to try to track Gonky, their droid, to locate their ship. Meanwhile, the thief is revealed to be a teen. He is named Benni and is working for a crime lord named Mokko. Benni seems to be starving and can’t resist eating the rations on board of the Marauder.

Benni gives the ship to his boss hoping to be the top earner of the quarter. The crime lord recognizes the ship has been modified and could cause some problems. Still, he is pleased and gives Gonky and some water. He orders his lackeys to strip the ship of anything useful.

At the spaceport, Omega announces that she found a trace of Gonky. The signal leads to 100 kilometers east. Omega is excited because it probably means that the Marauder is still on the planet. They decide to use the skiff to check the signal.

Arriving at a mine, Tech can still detect Gonky’s signal, but also minimal life-forms with more people deep inside the mines. With Gonky, they find Benni who is planning to sell Gonky’s parts. Hunter tells him it’s their droid and wants to know where the ship is. Benni tries to flee, but is captured and tells the clones he gave the ship to Mokko. He very reluctantly agrees to show them where the crime lord put the ship.

Getting the ship back


Benni explains that the Techno Union ran the mine during the war, but now it is run by Mokko. Tech decide to infiltrate the mine via the shaft but the time frame is sixty seconds before the exhaust flames are expelled. Hunter is successful in descending into the shaft. He neutralizes a droid and allows access to the others.

Benni leads them into the mine. Tech remarks the conditions in the mine are less than ideal.  The young man tells them the ipsium had become degraded and Mokko had to make cuts. He uses a short cut to bring them to their ship. The clones see immediately that some parts of the ship are missing and  the hyperdrive has been removed. Benni tells them they will need to deactivate the ray shield to be able to escape the mine. Wrecker wants to go, but he would have stood up too much. It is decided that Omega will go with Benni while the clones works on the hyperdrive.

Meanwhile, Mokko is having a feast in his quarters which is showing he is starving the miners on purpose. Benni tells Omega they need to swipe a card from someone in Mokko’s inner circle. They enter the mess and go sit with Drake playing a game. Benni and him talk about the ship and about the title of top earner for the month. Mokko arrives and Benni gets Drake’s card. Omega wants to go, but Benni wants to hear the tally. The top earner is Drake agains. Mokko gives him some food and gives scraps to the miners. Benni leaves disgusted.

Benni and Omega are walking and Omega wants to know if he is alright. Benni is angry he is still not the top earner after stealing a ship. She tells him they shouldn’t have to compete for food. They arrive at the security office. Omega starts to work on getting the data for Tech and doesn’t see Benni push a button. Benni says the clones seems to really care about her and the young girl tells him he should leave Mokko and the planet. Omega gives him her rations to thank him for helping.

Getting the mine back


Meanwhile, the repairs are well advanced. Drake arrives and sees Wrecker. Hunter tries to diffuse the situation saying they just want their ship back. Drake runs from the clones and Hunter goes after him. Omega learns the ipsium is not degraded and is showing proof to Benni when they are interrupted by Mokko. The crime lord is pleased with Benni. The young man says the other clones are in the garage.

Mokko confronts Wrecker and Tech in the mine warning them they should be careful with the ipsium surrounding them. Wrecker tells him they don’t miss while shooting. Mokko believes him and shows them he has captured Omega. They lower their weapon. Mokko sentences the squad to time in the mine. He is interrupted by Benni who confronts him about the ipsium not being degraded and keeping the profits for himself. Drake asks to see the proof and, upon seeing Benni is telling the truth, wants explanations from Mokko. Quickly, all the miners turn back against him. He orders his droid to throw Omega in the mine to create a diversion. Hunter saves her and the miners go to neutralize Mokko. Benni tried to save him without success and Mokko falls into the mine.

The clones are preparing the ship to leave the planet and Benni brings them back their belongings. Omega wants to know they are going to do now. Benni and the others are going to exploit the mine for themselves. He thanks Omega for showing him the truth and that he will be there if she needs help. She watches him leave pensive. Tech wants to know what’s on her mind. She tells him the Empire is not the only threat. People like Mokko are as bad as the Empire. Tech answers that it’s true, butthey are many like the squad out there and that’s a good thing.

A new episode of The Bad Batch is released every week on Disney+.

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