Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 3, Episode 12 “Best Laid Plans”


On tonight’s Walker, Cassie, and Cordell are clued in on Larry and Trey’s plans, a secret is revealed at the end, and more. Let’s dive in!

Trey’s Undercover Operation

At the scene of the car accident with the man from Grey Flag, Larry and Trey pull up together. They fill Cassie and Cordell in on how Trey is undercover. They find out that the man who died was Andrew – the man Trey met at the golf club.

They go back to a house and explain everything and how they’re working with the FBI to infiltrate Grey Flag. The undercover mission was approved on Thanksgiving. They discuss Grey Flag hunting down Cordell’s marine unit. The four of them work together, and they get a text to Andrew’s phone with a message for Trey to meet them somewhere.

Trey meets up with a woman, Lana, and she hands him a phone. She gives him a job to be a lookout. Larry and Cassie are watching out from a vehicle nearby. Lana comes out bleeding after hearing gunshots. Trey grabs her to help her and puts her at the side of the building. Trey uses the phone to call the boss, who asks if they got the product. He says they need the briefcase in the next hour, but Trey doesn’t want to leave her.

Cassie grabs gauze from the car and runs it out to Trey without trying to be seen as he patches Lana up. A man comes around the building with a gun and fires it, grazing Cassie as she runs back to the car. They run his face, and Cassie says she knows the name; he sold C4 on the black market.

Trey pulls up to the compound with Lana and the briefcase. They tell Trey that the boss will be impressed and they’ll be in touch.

Julia and Cordell

Julia arrives at Cordell’s place, and she says that a source will give her a USB drive with miscellaneous information on his unit. He tells her how Cooper’s death affected him. He tells her that he is choosing to trust her and that she’s genuine in wanting to help him. She gets a text that the USB has been dropped, and they head out to get the USB.

They get the USB from under a bench. Julia tells Cordell he should share the memories he has of Coop with his family.

Back at Cordell’s, Julia plugs in the USB and starts to unencrypt it. As they’re waiting, Julia looks up Cooper’s mother – and they find out she passed away last week. He tells Julia what he’d say to her, and that he had the flag. Jula holds his hand, and the two kiss, with the assumption they did more.

Cordell arrives at the house later and tells Larry and Cassie about the files. Cordell tells Cassie about going to visit Coop’s Mom, and how he didn’t actually talk to her. He tells Cassie that when Coop died, he was holding off enemy fire and saved the rest of them; that there was an explosion and Coop died.

Trey arrives back to them and is a little off. He tells Cassie, Cordell and Larry that he wants to work from home.

As they’re going through the files, Cassie finds drone footage from the night that Coop died. They see that there was an explosion, but someone survived it.

Trey was invited to the compound and they bring him to the barracks where training starts the next day.

Walker Rescue

At the Walker Ranch, Bonham, Stella, Liam, Augie, and Abeline talk about the Walker Rescue and a way to get the word out there.

Kevin goes to the Side Step to throw a fundraiser, and August tells him about the Walker Rescue. He says that Liam and Stella can come by, and he’d be happy to do some introductions. Liam and Stella network and get some good feedback on the rescue.

Augie tells Kevin thank you for helping, and that Walker Rescue got its first donation. Kevin tells him that he spoke to a friend and they’re speeding up the Side Step’s paperwork for their liquor license. Augie asks Kevin to help him after seeing how Kevin worked the room.

Coop’s Alive

A truck pulls up to a gas station, and we see Coop step out — still alive.

Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW.

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